Playlist Radio Resistencia #60

Radio Resistencia is broadcast every first Monday of the month from 23.00 to 01.00 hour on IFM1. Intergalactic FM. Or it can be listened  on demand here. Recorded December 20, 2015. Broadcast January 4, 2016. DJ M. Live: Donderdag DJ Hans D.

Playlist Seja Records Label Night

Saturday 24th October 2014, dB’s, Utrecht. Special night around the record label Seja Records. Live: Das Ding, Fatal Casualties, Sophya

Playlist Radio Resistencia #20 May 2012

Radio Resistencia is broadcast every first Monday of the month from 23.00 to 01.00 hour on IFM1. Intergalactic FM. Or it can be listened  on demand here. DJ’s: M & Hans D Live: Jan Solo

Playlist Radio Resistencia June 2011

A DJ set after I played a concert by Logosamphia. Radio Resistencia is broadcast every first Monday of the month from 23.00 to 01.00 hour on IFM1. Intergalactic FM. Or it can be listened  on demand here.

Landing – Gravitational IV

I hadn’t listened to Landing for a while, a group based in Connecticut. Meanwhile they have released six albums on cd, as well as various EP’s, singles, tapes and compilation tracks. Their vinyl only album “Gravitational IV” was recorded in 2004, around the same time as their cd “Sphere”. The music of Landing is a […]

Nonpop is coming

German webzine Lichttaufe has ended its activities, but a new initiative has arisen: Nonpop. This ‘Musik- und Kulturmagazin’ can be reached at, starting January 1, 2007. To celebrate this occasion, a free sampler with 26 interesting artists can be downloaded from this date.

News from (T)Reue um (T)Reue

Out now: Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – “IN MEMORIAM” (tut005) and Unidad Sasao – “THE SKIN I’M IN” (rur004). More information and soundclips on the label’s website.

FatCat Records label special

Short reviews of 8 recent Fat Cat releases by múm, Songs of Green Pheasant, Amandine, Welcome, David Karsten Daniels, Ensemble, Nina Nastasia and Giddy Motors.

Fear Falls Burning – I’m one of those monsters numb with grace

James Brown had the nick-name ‘the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business’. Dirk Serries from Belgium must be one of the hardest working men of the ambient music scene. From the mid 80’s on he filled dozens of albums with atmospheric music under the name of Vidna Obmana. In 2005 he started a new project, Fear […]

Fjernlys – Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs

Fjernlys is a new project of Knut Enderlein, known for his work with Ex.Order and Inade. The first release as Fjernlys is directly a double cd, of which the second disc contains remixes by Bad Sector, First Law and others. You could say that Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs is a typical Loki Foundation release: […]

The Soil Bleeds Black – Alchemie

Alchemie originally appeared on the now defunct label World Serpent in 1999. It was the fourth album for the American neo-medievalists The Soil Bleeds Black, a project centered around the Riddick brothers. Their label The Fossil Dungeon has now made this album available again, in a joint venture with Argentina’s Twilight Records. The second edition comes […]

Neo-Form II

German webzine/community Neo-Form presents its second free sampler with neo-folk, industrial & avantgarde sounds. You can download 17 tracks and fitting artwork from Among the artists are Allerseelen, Der Feuerkreiner, Tribe Of Circle, Decadence and Of The Wand And The Moon.

WE. on Genetic (December 19th, 2006)

Genetic Music announces a cd by WE. (side-project of File Not Found), called Departure. It’s the follow-up to their untitled album from 2000 also released on Genetic. Expect “great melodies and arrangements, catchy tunes, sweet synth lines, squeaking synths and drumboxes.” Info and samples:

Sally Doherty & The Sumacs – Edge of Spring

My first acquintance with Sally Doherty was when she was a member of Sol Invictus. Later I discovered the solo oeuvre of this singer and musician from Sheffield. Edge of Spring is a lovingly assembled collection of songs from the last decade. It contains songs from five albums by Sally Doherty and her Sumacs, as […]

Comsat Angels – My Minds Eye / The Glamour

The career of the Sheffield-based band The Comsat Angels can be roughly divied in a few periods. In the late 70’s / early 80’s they started with an edgy post-punk style on three acclaimed albums: Waiting for a Miracle, Sleep No More and Fiction. These have been reissued by Renascent earlier this year. Then a more poppy period followed, […]

Loreena McKennitt: album and show

Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt has her seventh album out now: An Ancient Muse. On March 14, Loreena will perform her Celtic folk music at Amsterdam’sHeineken Music Hall. This is her first Dutch concert since 1998.  

In the blender has compiled a list of The 50 Worst Artists in Music History. According to me, Japan and Skinny Puppy should not be included in there. It must be possible to think of worse acts!

Zwielicht is born

Zwielicht is the name of a new German magazine for ‘Musik, Kultur, Untergrund’, published by Eislicht Verlag. The content of the first issue looks promising with articles about Martin Hannett, Woven Hand, Michael Cashmore, Alex Fergusson, Bad Sector, Forseti and more. Single issues and subscriptions can be ordered from

Enfant Terrible: two new releases

Soon two new releases from Enfant Terrible will be ready: After The Snow – Fracture LP (Enfant06) and ICK – La parade des sans illusions 7” (petit enfant 001).

Dernière Volonté: new vinyls

Various new vinyl releases of Dernière Volonté are announced for 2007: the limited live LP Le Cheval de Troie (a registration of the 2006 concert in The Hague) issued by La La Land, a vinyl issue of Obéir et Mourir on Nuit et Brouillard and a 12″ with new material on Hau Ruck!.