Playlist Radio Resistencia June 2011

A DJ set after I played a concert by Logosamphia. Radio Resistencia is broadcast every first Monday of the month from 23.00 to 01.00 hour on IFM1. Intergalactic FM. Or it can be listened  on demand here.

Playlist Summer Darkness 2006

During the Summer Darkness edition of 2006 I played some ambient and atmospheric music in the cafe of Ekko, alternated with live sets of Asche and Law-Rah Collective.

Nachtschade #3

Location: Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL) Live: Legendary Pink Dots & Beequeen DJ’s: Nightporter & Hans D.

Elfennacht #3

The third edition of this my(s)thical night devoted to folk & fantasy. This time the location was Ekko (Utrecht), after previous parties at Tivoli De Helling (Utrecht) and Nighttown (Rotterdam). DJ’s: Eöl, Wizard and Cabal. Below you’ll find the playlist of Cabal.

Erosie #2

The second edition of this evening devoted to dark ambient & experimental sounds.

Nachtschade II

live: Riviera F and Alan Republica
dj’s: Nightporter and Hans D.
Goudvishal, Arnhem


ACU, Utrecht
GRUIS: special Summer Darkness edition
DJ’s HD, MH and special guest Guillaume (War of Roses).

Summer Darkness – Cold Meat special

Ekko, Utrecht (NL)
During the Summer Darkness festival there was a special Cold Meat Industry evening.


Baroeg, Rotterdam
DJ’s: Axel & HD
A succeeded edition of this party devoted to dark folk, martial, neoclassical, industrial etc.


ACU, Utrecht DJ’s: HD, Guillaume & DistortedChaos The first edition of an evening devoted to dark ambient, drones, neo-classical and other atmospheric tranquil music.

Elfennacht #2

Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht DJ’s: Eöl, Wizard and Cabal The second edition of the Elfennacht party took place in Utrecht, after a succeeded first party in Rotterdam.

GRINT – 80’s

ACU, Utrecht GRINT website DJ’s: HD, MH + guest Araglin A crowded and succeeded fifth edition of this party devoted to our favourite nostalgic music.

Unknown Pleasure: Silent Night

W2, Den Bosch Live: GOR + Pinknruby Two very good concerts on Christmas Eve, not many visitors, but a nice evening nevertheless.


5 years anniversary edition. On this night, which closed the fifth season of GRUIS, we tried to combine wave / electro with dark folk / industrial. DJ’s: Maarten H. & Hans D. ACU, Utrecht.


The first edition of Elfennacht, a ‘folk medieval fantasy dancenight’, could be called a succes. About 500 people showed up in Nighttown in Rotterdam, many of them dressed as fairies, wizards or other fantastic creatures.

Dwaalspoor #3

Boogje 1, Rotterdam Still a great location, and with the music was nothing wrong. The number of visitors was pretty low though.

GRINT – 80’s

ACU, Utrecht GRINT website DJ’s: HD, MH + guest Araglin Quite a nice party, except for some drunk Englishmen (to hwom I dedicated ‘sweet and tender hooligan’).


ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website theme: Atmospheres. guest dj: Don Valentino.

The War of Roses

Nonomes, Amsterdam War of Roses website Enjoyed myself very well at the War of Roses party in Amsterdam, where I was playing tunes together with Guillame.

GRINT – 80’s

ACU, Utrecht GRINT website A decent third edition of this 80’s party!