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Out now: Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – “IN MEMORIAM” (tut005) and Unidad Sasao – “THE SKIN I’M IN” (rur004). More information and soundclips on the label’s website.

Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – “IN MEMORIAM”
“Here comes the long-awaited first album by WERMUT’s side-project ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE, originally planned on the now defunct label Invasion Planète. Just as “Musique Au Mètre”, “In Memorian” is a work of re-interpretation essentially based on instrumental pieces by the obscure new-wave artist Johanna Liebhart, re-arranged and put to words by Laszlo P.S & Sofia E.R.. Nine deeply melancholic cold-romantica-electro songs exploring the themes of martyrdom and sacrifice, and the fading glow of distant golden ages. So pour yourself a glass of French wine, allow your mind to drift back in time and dance in the darkest night before the mirror of your soul.”

Unidad Sasao – “THE SKIN I’M IN”
“Three years after his acclaimed solo debut on Nekofutschata, Novy Svet’s long-time collaborator Tristan Sasao finally returns to show us a definitely more electronic facet of his unpredictable talent. A crystalline séance in prog-elektro disguise, “The Skin I’m in” is a truly unclassifiable album which addresses both the body and the mind, playfully swaying between post-cabaret electronica, freaked-out analogue breaks and acid chill-out ditties. A masterpiece of modern experimental electronics, expect nothing but genius! Featuring collaborations with J. Weber, Severin Bestombes, Demian (Ô Paradis) and Sofia E.R. (Wermut).”

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