Funprox closes down

Funprox webzine will no longer be updated after January 2007.

This is a personal decision by me, the webmaster. My main reasons:

  • After being involved in the website for more than seven years, I haven’t got enough motivation and inspiration left.
  • I also work professionally as a web editor, so when I come home I want to do something different than updating websites for a change.

No more review material can be accepted from now on. Unfortunately we have not been able to review all interesting releases from the recent months or inform each artist/label personally.

The review archive will remain online for an indefinite period. Who knows I will do something different with the website in the future.

Thanks to all artists, labels, readers and contributors who made Funprox into a rewarding experience so far!

Of course I will remain active in the music scene as a record collector, visitor of concerts and occasional DJ, so perhaps we’ll meet again…

Best regards,



  1. Dear Hans,
    I just heard you are going to stop with FunProx! comes as a shock, i get a lot of musicnews/tips/info on your site…it is a very unique site!
    So although i find it a pitty and will miss it a lot, i do understand your reasons why! i hope al the best for you in the future and thank you so much for the many music you gave true your site! Cheers Hans, á toast on you and your future.

  2. It’s a shame to see funprox go. Funprox did a great job with the news section, and I loved the random photo thing. Funprox will be missed.

  3. Same thing for me. I just want to add, using this Reply form, not to cry, but to thank all the people who have been making this site live, thanks to Hans D. for this great place on the net. May the arts evoked and the music discussed live and grow, and not only online.

  4. Hello Hans,
    thank you for your “great job” with your webmagazin funprox. I will miss it…
    Best wishes for the future…

  5. Too bad, but I fully understand your decision. Funprox was the best site for reviews and stuff. It will be missed. Congratulations for all your amazing amount of work and I wish you a successful new year.

  6. how about making it a collaborative site so people can add their news/reviews, still better than just letting it die

  7. Dear Hans,

    Sad to hear, but a nice moment to thank you for all my years funprox!

  8. Hans,
    It is sad to see Funprox go. I think I can speak for everyone amongst Heathen Harvest when I say that what you have created here has been a unique and beautiful experience, not only for all of us as readers, but to support the scenes within as well. Thank you for your dedication over the past 7 years, and Funprox will be sadly missed. I just felt the need to give my grievances. Good luck to you in your future dreams and goals, friend.

  9. It’s a shame…but I understand your reasons. Thanks for all, from Mexico, we will miss your work

  10. What can I say? I always checked out your reviews/articles and found this site very insightful regarding the “scene” thanks for all and I wish you the best with your life.


  11. Thanks for everything Funprox had to offer, and thanks for keeping the archive online.


  12. Dear Hans
    Thanks for the great effort you invested in making funprox one of the best resources ever. have a great year and success with you future initiatives.

    Uri – topheth propeht

  13. Thanks a lot for 7 years of excellent informations.
    Great work!

  14. thanks for these years of interesting news and reviews. Best wishes and good luck.

  15. Hello !
    Of course I clearly understand your decision, nevertheless, it will be a great loss for Music lovers… Good bye, good luck, and maybe see you later ! (and, Thanks a lot !!!)

  16. Dear Hans,

    Well, I’d like first of all to wish you a sparkling new year 2007!

    Furthermore, no BIG words here…but I just say “congratulations and thank you”…You did a great job for Funprox….

    Finally, I will keep with care the nice reviews you wrote for THE LAST FALL..You’re part of our history and the global underground scene…

    Thanks for all and respect…


  17. Hans,

    Good work over the last seven years. Not only have you supported our scene but you helped inspire the creation of Heathen Harvest ( Enjoy the rest from your editorial duties and I hope your future ventures are equally rewarding!

  18. VERY BAD IDEA :-{{{

  19. Man, haven’t been here in a few weeks and now I see you’re closing down. I was shocked. This is a great resource. I just want to thank you for the great site as well as helping us promote re:automation as well. If you ever want to help out with the podcast or anything over at re:automation, let me know. We’d love to have you on board. Happy 2007!

  20. I am sad that Funprox is about to quit, it was my best source of news of my favourite music. I dont know what can replace it. Maybe just a new Funprox – what if there is enough dedicated people who would keep the site working? I understand Hans’ reasons but dont understand why the site is destined to perish without him, why he doesnt look for his followers.

  21. funusstativus says

    Thanks for all the hard work on this great site! Sorry to see it go! This was a great resource to find info and new bands/projects/record companies to check out. Good Luck!

  22. thanks for all the work you’ve done over the years. but where am I going to read reliable reviews now? ,-(

  23. Hans,
    Thank you for this hard work. Funprox had been my favorite industrial resource for past 2-3 years and it makes me sad to see it closes.
    Good luck with your future project, who knows maybe one day you decide to come back :)
    Thank you again.


  24. Hm, eerst Heimdallr en nu ook Funeral Procession. Straks blijf ik nog alleen over en mijn besprekingen afdeling gaat toch al niet zo hard… Degenen die je de laatste tijd bijstonden gaan ook niet verder?

  25. andere Hans says

    yes, too bad. and thanks indeed!
    let’s have a good farewellparty with
    our favorite dj Hans D!

  26. Au revoir Hans!

  27. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.

  28. open it again.

  29. hello Hans—!

    thanks for making this site so complete and detailed over the years. we were checking it regularly, and also recommending it to people for its various sections. i understand the decision but i hope i’ll stumble upon another incarnation of Funprox one day:)

    all the best

  30. Thank you for the effort and the dedication.

  31. Heimdallr geschlossen…Funprox geschlossen…..RAGNARÖK NAHT !!!!!


  32. Krieglied says

    …I always visited Funprox first to check on music updates…but no longer….. :-(

    …farewell !

  33. it’s such a shame to see fade away.

    thanks for all your hard work.

  34. Thanks

  35. Thanks a lot for the great source of information, reviews,…

    Hopefully one day, somebody else will go further with funprox ….

  36. Hello Hans,

    Any edcisions made yet about a possible future for the website ?
    Or is it 100% finished ?

  37. But why damn the Fuck?
    why why why the fuck ???
    We gonna miss it!

  38. Thank you for all these years of great
    reviews and music tips. A great resource for music and art will be lost, but hopefully new ones will rise. Good luck to you!

  39. funprox was legendary… it really set its mark and was an influence during its time and place….

    change is inevitable i guess… best of luck for the future…