Studio Desmet , Amsterdam / 25 October 2003

On the 25th of October it was time for the 14th Amstel Festival, organized by the VPRO. This time it was going to be a roots edition. The first three bands where entertaining, though none of them could really impress, mainly because they didn’t deliver anything new or original. Killa as the closing act made up for the rest of the evening.Kiila Kiila is an experimental folk band from Finland, consisting of 7 members. For those familiar with their first releases on Fonal Records this gig must have been quite a surprise. Instead of the more experimental side, Kiila played a very dark and moody folk set, mixed with drone layers.

Kiila proved themselves to be a very strong live band, relying on the beauty of their songs. All songs where little gems, performed by a band clearly enjoying themselves on stage. Everything fitted perfectly well together, and formed a mesmerizing end of the Amstel festival.

Kiila showed themselves from a dark and melancholic side this evening. If this is a teaser of the next album is going to be, folk lovers, as well as those who like melancholy, should keep an eye open for that release.
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