Where: CC Luchtbal, Antwerp (Belgium)
When: 24 March 2002
Who: Sieben + Pilori & This Morn` Omina…

A lovely Sunday evening in a nice theatre in a suburb of Antwerp. Though situated in a somewhat remote area of the city with a lot of grey concrete flats, the theatre itself is a pretty good venue with an interesting cultural program. The evening should have deserved a bigger crowd than the small audience that was present.

Unfortunately I missed the first act, Empusae, a new and promising Belgian dark ambient project. The first band I saw was Pilori, a German duo with a mixture of darkwave and folk and female vocals. They were better than the last time I saw them in Amsterdam. A decent show, with a few good songs, but also some which couldn’t hold my attention very well.

Next was This Morn’ Omina from Belgium, that played a very energetic tribal electronic set. I had trouble to stay in my comfortable seat, it was very danceable. This is an act which I hope to see live more often!

The final act to come on stage was Sieben, which to my surprise comprised only of Matt Howden. But he played such wonderful music that you didn’t miss a real band to accompany him. Once again he showed to be a gifted violin player, and he has a pleasant voice too. He even demonstrated some unusual things you can do with just a violin, a sampler and some effects…