Dernière Volonté: new vinyls

Various new vinyl releases of Dernière Volonté are announced for 2007: the limited live LP Le Cheval de Troie (a registration of the 2006 concert in The Hague) issued by La La Land, a vinyl issue of Obéir et Mourir on Nuit et Brouillard and a 12″ with new material on Hau Ruck!.

Kammer Sieben cd on Eis & Licht

Kammer Sieben first came into the open with their excellent song ‘Dismembered Memories’ on the compilation “Eisiges Licht #2?. Now it’s time for their debut cd, “unfinished movies”, to be released soon on Eis & Licht (CD EIS050). The band will perform in Halle on December 25 with Orplid and Quellenthal.

Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum – Barco do Vinho

Lately I began to fear for Allerseelen-fatigue. In recent times I saw various concerts of the Austrian project and heard many new (re)releases. Not that I have any complaints about the average quality that Gerhard produces, it’s more the quantity which I find difficult to keep up with. This new release looked promising though. Not […]

Sturmpercht – Geister im Waldgebirg

What I knew of Sturmpercht, through several compilations tracks, the LP Stürm Ins Leben Wild Hinein! and a concert a few years ago, was very entertaining. I had some doubts though about how serious the Austrian folkloristic project should be taken. Their ‘Alpine pagan’ music may be nice for a few limited singles, but for an album […]


Now this is what I call a lucrative auction. A unique acetate record of the first Velvet Underground album, with alternate versions and mixes, was found by a student at a New York street sale for 75 cents! Now it’s up on eBay and with four days to go it has already passed the hundred thousand dollar mark…

V23 designs

An interesting book appeared last year: Vaughan Oliver and V23 Poster Designs. Oliver is of course best known for his wonderful artwork for various $AD releases, by the likes of Cocteau Twins and Modern English.

Max Richter – Songs From Before

During the more restless autumn days there is one cd which brings me in a state of calmness: Songs From Before, the new ‘post-classical’ creation of Max Richter. Its delicate music is comparable to his previous album The Blue Notebooks (2004), though with slightly sparser compositions.

Punk reading

Two new books about punk are available through Cherry Red. First Alex Ogg’s No More Heroes: A Complete History Of Uk Punk From 1976 To 1980. The book is based on over 200 interviews with the participants and is promoted as ‘the most detailed definite book on the subject to date’. Second there is The Day The […]

David’s holy grail

Back in 2004, Dusted Magazine featured the favourite albums of Woven Hand’s David Eugene Edwards. Neubauten, In Gowan Ring, Arvo Part and Motorhead fight for the top spot. Browse the dusty archives for more list mania…

Portion Control’s filthy new album

Portion Control, formed in South London in 1980, is still going strong after their come-back a few years ago: their new album is called Filthy white guy and contains 14 songs. You can preview audio at the specialminisite or at their new myspace website.

Three Comsat Angels (re)releases

Excellent news from UK label Renascent: they will treat us to three new Comsat Angels releases, including lots of unreleased material. Most spectacular is the double cd To Before, which contains demos, out-takes and other ‘deleted’ stuff from 1978 to 1993. Furthermore the label announces a reissue of My Minds Eye (1993) with 6 bonus tracks, and a reissue of The Glamour (1995) […]

Sophya on Mutantjasz

Mutantjasz, a label run by members of Dutch band Mecano, has released the new cd by Sophya called “Third Wish”. It has an ethereal/goth sound reminding of the early 80’s 4AD era and contains a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’ and a remix by Mecano. The album is also available in a special box limited to 150 […]

Faun on Sunday

This Sunday (November 19) Faun will offer an afternoon of ‘pagan medieval renaissance folk’ at Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht. Doors open at 15:00 hrs, the fitting music before and after the concert is taken care of by dj Eöl and my alter ego dj Cabal.

Neun Welten – Vergessene Pfade

After a mini cd in 2004 and various performances, Neun Welten felt confident enough to release a full cd on Auerbach. The young German band has created an album inspired by Edda and other Nordic myths, with 10 songs that can be described a bit disrespectful as campfire folk music.

Parca Pace – Raumspannung

Parce Pace is one of the manifestations of the the Crescens Collective, and in particular it’s a solo creation of Jan Carleklev. Just as I’m used to from related projects like Sanctum and Mago, Raumspannung is a very well produced album.

Dutch gallery

A massive collection of historical promo photos of Dutch bands has been gathered online at Het Geheugen van Nederland. Besides many forgotten or uninteresting names, you can find photos of Clan of Xymox, The Essence, Gotterdammerung, Mekanik Kommando, Nasmak, Spasmodique, Voltage Control and The Actor, to name but a few.

Dernière Volonté – Devant Le Miroir

After a first superficial listen to this cd, I thought ‘Hmm, I’ve heard this before’. One day later I noticed myself humming and tapping along. These new songs by Geoffrey D.’s project are just too attractive to resist. Again Dernière Volonté has delivered a fine album full of catchy ‘military pop’.

Flint Glass – Nyarlathotep

This release is impressive at first sight: a luxurious fold-out digipack with great artwork and a cd crammed with music. Nyarlathotep takes you deep into the bowels of the earth and is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Los Iniciados

Los Iniciados was a side-project of Spain’s legendary minimal electronic project El Aviador Dro. Compared to their bigger brother, Los Iniciados has a darker and less disco-oriented sound. You can watch a nice videoclip of Marca de Anubise. A 7? single with this track and 3 other pieces taken from old cassettes has been released on Minimal […]

Subliminal: Coping

A new product from the house of Galakthorrö: the album “Coping” by Subliminal, available on LP and CD. “With his new album Albert Fisch has created such an impressive inferno of hate that hearing it warms the cockles of the heart!” Read more (and listen) at