V/A – Electronic Renaissance

The fourth release of Enfant Terrible is a compilation LP called “Electronic Renaissance”. The nicely designed booklet presents the record as an art exhibition, where you can discover 12 contemporary artists from various countries in the ‘Salon des indépendants’. All music on the LP is influenced by 80’s new wave, but should not be regarded […]

Das Bierbeben

This weekend I saw Das Bierbeben at a presentation of the Shitkatapultlabel. They played a mix of punky electropop and NDW, which was not very new, but quite entertaining. You can see a video of Reproduktion atYouTube or listen to songs at myspace of their new album Alles Fällt.

Oil 10 – Beyond

Beyond is the follow-up album to Arena (Brume Records, 2003) and the first thing I hear of Oil 10 since the split 10? with Empusae on Divine Comedy Records. Oil 10 is the brainchild of Frenchman Gilles Rossire. He produces electronic music in the shadowzones of ambient and techno.

A Challenge of Honour – Seven Samurai

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the production of A Challenge of Honour and related projects. This Dutch act around Peter Savelkoul keeps on releasing material. Often limited vinyls or cd-r’s on obscure labels. This is a regular cd though, on Divine Comedy Records. The first description that comes to mind when hearing Seven Samurai is […]

Arditi – Standards of triumph

In a few years time Arditi produced quite a string of releases on obscure labels. After a limited 7? single, they now release their first album through Portugal’s Equilibrium Music. The Swedish duo has not changed much about their concept. The blood, suffering and victories of the battlefield are translated into bombastic neo-classical hymns.

In Gowan Ring – The Twin Trees

The Twin Trees was the second album of In Gowan Ring, released by World Serpent in 1997. Of course it was long out of print, and it has now been reissued by Shayo. It contains one extra track, ‘Still water bonne’, previously available on the ‘Terra Serpentes’ sampler. I’m happy with this release, since I regard The […]

Teatro Satanico / Muzakiller – Untitled

This mysterious duo from Venice is also known sometimes as ‘Teatro Satanico Charles Manson’. They have produced a lot of obscure and limited releases on tape, vinyl and cd-r since the early 90’s, including collaborations with Novy Svet. This untitled album (their first ‘real’ cd) is limited to 666 copies and includes a satanic tale […]

Free downloads from Forms Of Things Unknown

Ferrara Brain Pan: “I have decided to make available the complete recorded back catalog of Forms Of Things Unknown as free, high-resolution MP3 downloads in the FOTU audio section. This includes all five full-length tracks of the “Cross Purposes” CD, as well as a couple of hard-to-find compilation appearances.”

Sonnenbrandt new songs

Two songs from the forthcoming album @ Myspace: Radiolied + Ich nehm dich… Even more material at the members’ pages: Herr Brandt,Frau Sonne & Kpt. Korg.

Primus Inter Pares

Two exclusive songs @ Myspace: ‘Die Zeit’ + ‘Schneeflocke’.


The first song ever recorded by C.O.T.A. ‘From Aliens to Indians’ is now available for download at http://www.sonicksorcery.com.

V/A – Swarm

A few years after the compilation “Chamber”, UK’s Cold Spring Records now comes with a new label sampler. Swarm gathers 22 artist who released or will release material on Cold Spring. And the good news is that all tracks were recorded specifically for this collection.

V/A – Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006

Last year Steinklang Industries from Austria managed to cram their artists on a single compilation cd, on their latest label sampler they expanded to a double cd. Like the title betrays, Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006 includes tracks from Steinklang records released in 2005 and 2006.

Othila – Continents

Othila from France left a good impression on me with their previous releases on Divine Comedy Records. Three years after their 10? Yula, they’re back with a new album. Continents comes in an elegant thin digipack, with lovely photos of mysterious nature, as before an important theme in their ritual ambient music.

El Aviador Dro – Eléctrico!

No less than 18 tracks of the Spanish cult band were gathered for this low-budget compilation for the American market. “¡Eléctrico!” contains songs created by El Aviador Dro in the last 25 years, with their typical mixture of synthpop, minimal electro and new wave, combined with Spanish lyrics. ‘La Chica De Plexiglas’ has been omitted, […]

Death in June offers exorcised tracks

Only available for a short time: the web mini album ‘Free Tibet‘ by Death in June, with seven tracks, mainly alternate versions of material from their World Serpent days. Some videos are now online at YouTube as well. Another webzine down

Sangre Cavallum – Pátria Granítica

Two years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the debut cd of Sangre Cavallum on Storm Records. Now the band from Portugal returns with a follow-up on Ahnstern/Steinklang Records. Compared to their debut, “Patria Granítica” sounds much more homogeneous, with a more even level of quality. On the rich sounding album, a varied collection of […]

Fir§t Law – Chaos Structure

First Law is the project of Andreas Wahnmann, a dark ambient producer from Germany. Well, if you compare him to other Loki acts like Inade and Herbst9, then Fir§t Law definitely sounds less ‘ambient’. His mainly electronic music is too melodic and dynamic for that. Influences from krautrock, psychedelica and symphonic music also seem to […]

Another webzine down

UK-based webzine Auralpressure, active since July 2003, will cease its review activities at the end of September. Just the links and events sections will continue. A pity, but I know how time-consuming such a website is. I wish webmaster Jo all the best with her work at Cold Spring Records.

Spiritual Front – Armageddon Gigolo

This is the fourth album by Spiritual Front, if you count the collaboration with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. “Armageddon Gigolo” breathes maturity in every aspect. Convincing songs, a professional sounding band with a full production, an elaborate digipack with creative artwork. Like before, Simone Salvatori tread the borders of folk, pop, rock, traditional Italian music and […]