Woven Hand – Mosaic

Now 16 Horsepower is no longer active, Eugene David Edwards can focus all his creative energy on (the darker and more experimental) Woven Hand. Mosaic is the follow-up to Consider the Birds (2004). The album contains 12 songs and displays again a varied mixture of folkloristic music and religious themes.

Remix in the bush of ghosts

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne came out 25 years ago and is considered a “pioneering work for countless styles connected to electronics, ambience, and Third World music”. This year there is a remastered reissue with 7 bonus tracks, but also the multitracks of two songs are available online […]


A nightmare: a flood that ruins your belongings, including your treasured record collection. This happened to people in Broome County, NY in June/July. On their site they describe (with many photos) their efforts to save as much of their beloved records as possible.

Sloppy Seconds

Do you have a short attention span? Then the online compilation Sloppy Seconds may be something for you. All submissions must be exactly one second in length. They are being strung together in the order they are received, into a “massive roller coaster ride of an audio experience”. Hundreds of artists have submitted already…

Nostalgia wave

Always entertaining: looking at nostalgic record sleeves. In 2004, the now defunct e-zine The Endless Groove compiled a big gallery of new wave single sleeves. You can browse through 40 pages with over 300 sleeves, also sorted by artist.

Playlist Summer Darkness 2006

During the Summer Darkness edition of 2006 I played some ambient and atmospheric music in the cafe of Ekko, alternated with live sets of Asche and Law-Rah Collective.

V/A – Six Doors: a Housepig Compilation

‘Six Doors’ is a great idea from the Housepig label. Housepig is based in Minneapolis, MN, and focuses on ambient and noise. This compilation holds six top notch acts from the U.S. and Japan: Unicorn; Aube; Bastard Noise; Luasa Raelon; Guilty Connector & Tabata; and Oblong Box. Each shows a different approach to experimental electronics, […]

On the set

Right now photographer Anton Corbijn is working on his first movie,Control, about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. Dutch news program NOS Journaal paid a visit to the film set in Nottingham (watch streaming video).

Back in the city

Just returned from two pleasant weeks in the English countryside. In the coming days I will try to post the reviews that were submitted in the meantime, catch up with new releases & events and deal with my filled mailbox.

Return of the Repressive (with Laibach)

Return of the Repressive (RoTr) is a weekend of industrialized culture presented by I.C.R.N. (Industrialised Culture Research Network) in collaboration with Capsule, Cold Spring and the Custard Factory. Over the first weekend of September the Custard Factory in Birmingham (UK) will host a unique event exploring the past, present and future of industrial music and […]

H.I.V+ / Muckrackers / AQL split

Divine Comedy Records offers Here comes Paradise Now, a beautiful and nightmarish “book & music” exploration picturing some of the most obscure landscapes from the south of France.

Mathias Delplanque: cd on Mondes Elliptiques

.Angle.Rec. is proud to announce the 2nd release on their Mondes Elliptiques imprint. The cd Ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas by Mathias Delplanque contains one long track by this member of The Missing Ensemble, with sound sources recorded at Studio Cormier in Montreal. “A rich tapestry of textures, atmospheres and subtle and slowly-evolving […]

Vivo Records: 2 releases

Vivo Records from Poland announces two new releases: Merzbow – Bloody Sea CD Info: http://vivo.pl/merzbow/ Ruinzhatova – Liveinsomewhere CD Info: http://vivo.pl/ruinzhatova/

Phelios: second album

German dark ambient project Phelios anounces their second release, after a solid debut album on Eternal Soul Records. Passage is the title of a 5-track cd-r which lasts 46 minutes and is limited to 111 copies. Teasers can be enjoyed at the Phelios website or at myspace.com.

:Golgatha: – Kydos – Reflections On Heroism

The first official full-length cd of :Golgotha: is devoted to war and more particular heroism in various forms. From the Japanse kamikaze units of 1945 to the harmony of pen and sword of Mishima to the honourable death on the battlefield in ancient times.

Sub Luna – In the shade of time

For their second release, Dagaz Music from Portugal has spotted some new talent in the northern spheres of Eskilstuna, Sweden. Sub Luna is a duo consisting of Mikael Lindblom and Frederik Sööberg. “In the Shade of time” is their debut.

Ashram – Shining silver skies

Ashram’s debut album was a nice piece of work, so I was pleased to hear that this Italian trio has delivered a follow-up. Like before, the core of the band is formed by three musicians: Luigi Rubino (piano), Sergio Panarella (vocals) and Alfredo Notarloberti (violin).

Negru Voda – Unplugged

Negru Voda unplugged? Peter Nyström playing John Denver songs around the campfire? No, not really. This cd contains 6 tracks recorded at an industrial festival in Vilnius in 2004.

Salon Décadence

Neo-Form.de presents the Salon Décadence cd. It’s released on the occasion of Neo-Form’s “Salon Décadence” at the Absintherie Sixtina in Leipzig on June 2nd/3rd 2006. This special release features eleven, mostly rare and unreleased tracks from Sagittarius, Tho-So-AA, Rose Rovine e Amanti, Shava Sadhana and Echo West, with a playing time of almost an hour.

Autopsia: Berlin requiem

Autopsia, the long-running experimental/neo-classical band from Czechoslovakia, announces a new cd with 6 tracks. The Berlin Requiem is released by Old Europa Cafe. Some mp3 samples are available.