Dandelion Wine – An inexact science

Naomi Henderson and Nicholas Albanis are Dandelion Wine. “An Inexact Science” is the third release of them. It contains music they themselves describe as medieval ethereal, post-dreampop. A strange description for music, then again the Melbourne-duo might be right, let’s just have a listen.

Implant – Fading Away

The Belgian act Implant is one of those acts that is hard to define if you want to put them into a niche like EBM, electroclash, electro, industrial or any of those. Implant just is Implant and brings a lot of varied music. Before releasing their seventh album, the crowd is pleased with this EP […]

Inure – Subversive

Inure has a new member, Sam P. of Imperative Reaction fame joined the act. This is their second cd, their first as a trio. What does this do to their music? Well, it is somewhat straighter in the face now.

Android Lust – Devour, rise, and take flight

The second album on Projekt from Android Lust aka Shikhee. An album full of emotion, with tracks that vary a lot, but which have a root in industrial music and are mostly defined by Shikhee’s special, beautiful voice.

Dive vs. Diskonnekted – Frozen

Dirk Ivens is of the main personae in the Belgian electronic music scene. The Klinik, Dive and Sonar are his best known projects. Not as well-known yet is Jan Dewulf, but his project Diskonnekted got Dirk Ivens interested to collaborate.

Orange Sector – Für Immer Kalt Wie Stahl

Orange Sector is one of the old time EBM bands. They split up long time ago, but also came back together in 20004. Their previous two releases didn’t fully convince me. But now there is this EP and the story is really different.

Zombie Girl – Back from the Dead

Zombie Girl is a new project bij Sebastian R. Komor, of Icon Of Coil and Muscle And Hate fame. For this project he collaborates with his wife Renee Cooper-Komor. This EP however is their first and only release so far.

Silence – Key

Silence is a project that already released quite a lot of music to those interested, but hardly got heard after all. Now they have signed to Accession Records, and this first double cd on this label brings us especially a recap of what they did before and some unreleased material.

Feindflug – Volk und Armee

It has been a while since we heard from Feindflug. Volk und Armee is the title of their latest album and it brings us the kind of heavy artillery music we might expect from them.

Flesh:on:Steel – Notausgang

Flesh:On:Steel is a French project creating ambient music, released by the new label Archetyp. Their music resides somewhere between dark-ambient and death-industrial.

Celluloide – Bodypop E.P.

Celluloide has received loads of praise on their two synthpop albums “Naive Heart” and “Words Once Said”. Now the French project is back with the “Bodypop E.P.”.

Contrast – Preparations demo

Where the two members of Contrast (now a trio) that founded the band originate from Malochia, the music of Contrast is hardly comparable with Malochia. Instead it is best described as dark-electro with loads of variation.

Ovro – Gegendurchgangenzeit

An album that was never planned, but has been released nonetheless. This surely must have a story to it, and that’s correct.

Sphere Lazza – Ultimate Abyss

Sphere Lazza is one of those bands who had a little fame in the underground scene of the 1990’s. They released 2 albums and split up in the making of the third album, that thus is still unreleased. These years also saw them grow from a two-piece to a quartet. Now they are back, just the two people who started Sphere Lazza at the start, Tony Spazz and [dt]…

:spasmodique: – Karni Mata

This fourth release by :Spassmodique: is one that they recorded and produced all by themselves between 2002 and 2004. And I can add that they did a great job at it, the production level at least is quite high. The music of this Cologne-based trio is best described as some kind of electronic soundscapes in song-structures…

Temple Of Tears – Ardor

Temple Of Tears are Jason Are and Dan Loreck. When playing live they often are accompanied by Jenette Ferox. This Australian act (from the most isolated city in the world, Perth) has send their new single “Ardor” out into the world. A single with 5 remixes of the title-track, and not the original version…

Remain Silent – Dislocation

Dislocation is Remain Silent’s second disc, his first on the French Axess Code label. The first thing you notice is the beautiful artwork that accompanies the disc. 80’s science fiction is what comes to mind. And in fact this is exactly how it is meant to be. The story behind this cd tells of the age of Dislocation that has come upon earth…

V/A – Sonic Visions of Middle-earth

A CD in a luxury package that tries to bring to mind different locations and happenings in the well-known epic fantasy-novel ”The Lord of the Rings’ by Tolkien. Several well-known and lesser known acts bring together 75 minutes of soundscapes. The disc starts with “Fog On The Barrow-Downs” by Leviathan…

Pimentola – MM – MMV

Pimentola is a still little-known Finnish bombastic neo-folk act. On this album everything which Lempo, the guy behind Pimentola, released with Pimentola from 2000 onwards is collected. One new track and one (the first ever) remix are added. On this record you can clearly hear the progress Pimentola made…

Des Esseintes / E.P.A. – AZ50HD

When you think of power electronics you think of over the top noise and raw vocals. Fin de Siècle Media is maybe not a true power electronics label but their releases are very powerful electronic music productions. Des Esseintes (the project by the label boss) might be called a power electronics act, although his compositions are more intelligent and complex then most music in this genre…