Noblesse Oblige – Privilege Entails Responsibility

I am not a fan of electroclash but Noblesse Oblige delivers a fine album with music, which could be called post-electroclash or electrotrash if you like.

Autunna et sa Rose – L’Art et la Mort

A lot of attention has been paid to the packaging of this record. The cd comes in a full color glossy booklet with extensive information on the music. Musically you could describe this release as chamber music or classic gothic inspired theatre music.

Dustmuffin & The Aluminum Cans – Essential Recordings 1984-2001

Vague and unclassified are fitting descriptions for the music of Dustmuffin & The Aluminum Cans. This US based loose collective uses any sound they like to produce their weird anti-pop music and neo cabaret electroclash. Nineteen tracks is a lot to go through and Dustmuffin is not making it easy for you.

1997EV – Dead.Ends.Sinful

Punch records keeps surprising lately with a variety of nice sounds. Now they come up with this amazing space age record by 1997EV. The listener is being served a brew of apocalyptic psychedelic drones and hymns.

Anti Trust – Die Welt is so schön, viel schöner als der Mond

Anti Trust is a project that has been around for a long time. Musically Anti Trust’s sound is somewhere in between minimal elektro and NDW. This new work is characterized by a much cleaner sound and thick beats.

Letatlin – La Sepoltura Delle Farfalle

Letatlin is one the more interesting new bands I came across this year. Their sound is an unique blend of new wave inspired guitar music and avant-garde influenced industrial electronic music.

Corvus Corax – Venus Vina Musica

To most people the sound of Corvus Corax will be clear. Their powerful medieval sound has made them famous beyond the gothic scene, where they were first picked up. This new cd is about a minstrel traveling in to the East in search for a legendary dancer called Sanyogita. The expectation is raised that the […]

Dystronic – Rude Tunes

The third 12” by Dystronic on the Kommando 6 label is a continuation of his typical style and sound. Rude Tunes features four tracks of raw punk influenced and elektro related music.

Various Artists – Dark Shots: 5th anniversary of Kommando 6

To celebrate the five year existence of the German Kommando 6 label specialized in dark elektro music, Simulacron magazine / network released this DVD. The disc features ten video clips made by / with / for Kommando 6 artists. Both new and already released tracks are visualized. Next to the video clips there are two […]

The Phantom Limbs – Random Hyms

Most of the work of The Phantom Limbs is not very accessible. This 12” might therefore come as a pleasant surprise. This release is relatively easy to digest in comparison with the other releases.

Im Namen Des Volkes – Weisses Rauschen

Im Namen Des Volkes is the legendary early NDW / minimal electronics project by Matthias Schuster. He released one 7”, with three tracks on it, in 1979. Four more tracks from that same period were recently discovered. These tracks are featured on this limited 7” (only 300 copies were made).

V/A – Tête de Bébé

Strange to find a Belgian and French artists compilation on a US based label. Tête de Bébé is filled with the new wave of crazy and weird (post) punk / new wave acts that come from Belgium and France recently.

Frustration – Full Of Sorrow

Frustration from France are slowly but steadily building a name for themselves in the post-punk scene. Their music is a raw and intense mix of cheap electronics and rough guitars with screamed vocals on top.

Klingelton 17 – S/T

Klingelton 17 is one of the obscure 80’s DDR bands in the field of NDW / minimal music. This 7” was pressed in the 90’s but never really distributed and sold. NLW discovered this record and now made them available after all these years. Only 150 copies were pressed so it is a true collector’s […]

Punk Soul Loving Bill – Industrie

Like Sonnenbrandt, this German band with the weird name Punk Soul Loving Bill, plays ‘Neo Deutsche Welle music’. Their sound is less elektro pop orientated and slightly more rock influenced.

Echo West – In pop we trust

The title of the album is chosen very well. After the more industrial/gothic influenced album ‘Echoes Of The West’ this new cd features tracks with hints at different pop music styles.

Treue Um Treue: new release

Out soon on Treue Um Treue will be Dr. C. Stein’s Echo Trip. Dr. C. Stein is an artist of the legendary Dutch tape-label TRUMPETT and was involved in several elektro projects during the 80’s such as Thromboh, Doxa Sinistra and especially Ende Shneafliet, from which he was an original member.

Jessie Evans & Bettina Koster – Autonervous

During the last Vanishing tour Bettina Koster from the legendary band Malaria! joined the band on stage. Therefore it was no surprise that when Vanishing stopped, Jessie Evans and Bettina continued as a duo.

The Weegs – The Million Sounds of Black

The second album by The Weegs is all you might expect. As on there debut the band delivers a nervous, neurotic and spastic post punk / no wave sound. This explosive stylistic blend results in music that is not easy to digest but worth every try to swallow it.

Garbo and The Adjectives – S/T

The band themselves claim to play a mixture of ’77 punk, cold wave, 60’s pop and garage dancefloor music. If they mean that this mixture sounds like Franz Ferdinand with early Suede influences then it is quite true.