Triarii – Pièce Héroique

With the debut Ars militaria Triarii directly made a name for itself in the martial neo-classical scene. Therefore quite a bit was expected from the follow-up from the German project. Well, they could stand the pressure and have come up with an improved successor.

Geneviéve Pasquier – Soap Bubble Factory

On her previous releases Geneviéve Pasquier has raised some expectations with good pieces of old school minimal industrial music. Now Thorofon is no more, it seems her solo project is her main focus.

Raison d`être – Metamorphyses

After a few recent releases with old material Raison D’être is finally back with a new album. Metamorphyses is filled with six newly composed pieces. Of course in a way this seventh full lenght album is more of the same.

Artesia – Hilvern

Prikosnovénie has started a new series of releases for new talents called “Nové”. Artesia is the first band to release in this series. This young French duo delivers a tragical and dark sounding classic gothic album.

Gae Bolg – Requiem

Gae Bolg blends medieval sounds with bombastic and martial elements. This new album Requiem is a mass for the dead. It sounds rather tranquil and serene in comparison with some older records.

His Divine Grace – Le Grand Secret

This new His Divine Grace album is all about the “Dots and Bars” conspiracy. The strange circumstances around the death of both Leontin and Sekens are the theme of this absolute great dark ambient record.

Ginormous – The Endless Procession

Most of the time Hymen comes up with good releases. From time to time their releases are even more then just good. This Ginormous album is one of those. Expect no standard IDM. This is really something else.

Caprice – Elvenmusic 3: Tales Of The Uninvited

Caprice has already delivered several beautiful albums filled with wonderful poetic fairy world music. As the title suggests this new album is part three in the series of albums on which the music is inspired by faeries and elves and more concrete the poems of Tolkien.

Subaudition – The Scope

The Scope is the debut album by Subaudition. Their music is tranquil and atmospheric. At times it may call to mind Sigur Ros and Tenhi, but Subaudition sounds more like traditional pop/rock.

Gjöll – Way Through Zero

Way Through Zero is the debut of Gjöll and a concept album about the mental state of a person. Musically this is worked out very well: From drone-like industrial ambient to pulsating noise.

Every New Dead Ghost – The Final Ascesion: a retrospective 88-92

Gothicrock label Strobelight also starts looking backwards. This cd by UK goth rockers Every New Dead Ghost is the first in the new series called “essentials”. In this series there will be re-releases of classic bands from the past.

Kathleen Baird – Lullaby For Strangers

This cd came as a big surprise to me. I had never heard of the musician nor the label. Kathleen Baird previously performed under the name Travelling Bell and she is also a member of Spires That In The Sunset Rise. This new album is a piece of beautiful weird dark folk music.

Human Puppets – The Future From The Past

From Greece come the Human Puppets. Last year they released their debut 7” which was received very well in minimal wave circles. Now there is their debut LP.

Kania Tieffer – Tracks against pornography

Kania Tieffer from Belgium produces music on this cd-r that is not easy to categorize. She has a true style of her own with her pleasantly disturbed lo-fi electronic pop music.

La Mamoynia – Mono Ego

The previous release by La Mamoynia pleasantly surprised me. Their music is a good mixture of minimal electronics, new wave and industrial elements. Most tracks of this new album fit that description too.

Wermut – Life is a journey… death a horizon

The second film on Getreu Allezeit, Life is a journey…death a horizon by Wermut, is both when it comes to the soundtrack and the film itself less abstract as the first film by Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte. The soundtrack is a very nice piece of dark ambient, which very slowly evolves.

Messer Chups: live dates The Netherlands

Messer Chups is a duo from St.Petersburg, Russia with Oleg Gitarkin on guitar and Zombie Girl on bass-guitar. Their music combines surf, samples from 50’s and 60’s trash horror sci-fi movies, Soviet synthesizers, electronics.

Major Conflict – Sounds like 1983

Mad at the world records is a Hungry Eye related label for punk, trash and hardcore music. Major Conflict was a New York City based hardcore band in the early 80’s.

Haus Arafna – Blut: Trilogie des Blutes + Nachblutung

The first album of Haus Arafna has been finally re-released. Blut: Trilogie des Blutes was first released in 1995. This re-issue features three bonus tracks from the same period.

Pseudo Code – Licht

Pseudo Code was a Belgian band that was active in the early 80’s. The band had a link with Bene Gesserit and can be described as an experimental/minimal pop band with a sound dominated by electronics.