Sanctum in Arnhem

Club Le Moulin Noir is a fairly new party in Arnhem. In June they had invited bands for the first time: Tausendschoen & Sanctum.

The Sound of Adrian Borland

Paradiso, June 4th 2006. Recently I visited the tribute concert ‘The Sound of Adrian Borland’ at Amsterdam’s Paradiso. The name Adrian Borland always makes me think of that concert in the early 90’s.

Current 93 – Berlin 2006

To attend at a concert of Current 93 may not be a good idea if you are not of a pure heart or if you are missing someone special. Nevertheless, I did. A personal account by Carsten…

Current 93 – Antwerp 2006

Recently I had the privilege to attend two Current 93 concerts. Since they don’t often play near The Netherlands and because it was announced that this was their first and last European tour, I decided to visit both of their Belgian gigs of the Black Ships Ate the Sky tour.

H.E.R.R. Tour Diary

A highly personal report about the experiences of various members from HERR, who travelled to Switzerland to perform at the Triumvirat Festival in Yverdon-Les-Bains (15-16 April 2006).

Chantier Musical festival

Le Chantier, Paris 5-6-7-8 mai 2006 Last week the first Chantier Musical festival took place in Paris. The people of Gae Bolg, in collaboration with the Cynfeirdd label, organized the event. In advance the line-up already looked impressive, with many acts I never saw live. Le Chantier Musical proved indeed to be a unique experience, […]

Depeche Mode – Touring The Angel

For the first time in 13 years Depeche Mode returned to the Netherlands. And the audience just couldn’t get enough.

Beta Evers / Kommando 6

Funprox had a chat with Brigitte Enzler from Augsburg, Bavaria. She has a musical career spanning over 20 years. Nowadays she is active with her solo project Beta Evers, various collaborations and her own succesful electro label Kommando 6. Brigitte talks about her past, her current activitities and plans for the future.

IRM + Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Goudvishal, Arnhem. February 18, 2006. The small but cosy & dark Goudvishal was the venue for two notable slices of Cold Meat. Other than being Swedish and sharing the same label, there do not seem to be many similarities in the music of IRM and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

Editors live

Seen: 21 February 2006, Effenaar, Eindhoven. Of all the fashionable retro guitar wave acts, Editors is one of the most attractive to me. The band also convinced me on stage this week.


Wermut has caught the attention of both minimal electronics fans and lovers of dark folk music. They seem to be a rather new group but are definitely not. Both members, Sofia E.R. and Laszlo P.S, have been producing music for along time. Also they are active with their relative new label Treue Um Treue / […]

Twelve Thousand Days

Guest contribution by Benjamin: a substantial interview with Alan Trench concerning his neo-folk formation Twelve Thousand Days

M’era Luna festival 2005

A report by Ikecht about the M’era Luna festival, which was held on 13 and 14 August 2005 in Hildesheim, Germany..

Summer Darkness 2005

I attended only a small part of this year’s Summer Darkness festival, mainly on Friday. There was a nice opening concert by Estampie in the mighty Dom Church. As always they were excellent musicians, and the atmosphere and acoustics of the church were very suited for their traditional medieval music. In Ekko there was a […]


Richter is a duo from Canada that makes electronic / synthpop music. Ikecht was positively surprised when reviewing their debut album Cost of Living, which was released by themselves. Therefore he decided to find out more about this promising act and invited Jack and Lizz to enlighten us about their project.

HEX with Echo West

HEX with live: Echo West and Solitude FX. 18 June 2005, OCCI, Amsterdam.

The Protagonist + more

W2, Den Bosch (NL) June 11th, 2005 “Unknown Pleasure dark ambient special” with live: H.E.R.R. / Des Esseintes / Olen’k / The Protagonist

Dernière Volonté and more

LVC, Leiden (NL) May 28th, 2005. Live: Co.Caspar, Tribe of Circle and Dernière Volonté. Organisation: La La Land

Peter Ulrich

Recently Peter Ulrich released his second solo album “Enter the Mysterium”, after his debut with “Pathways and Dawns” in 1999. No matter how many other albums he will make, I suspect Ulrich will always be related to his previous activities as drummer/percussionist of Dead Can Dance. Which is of course nothing to be ashamed about. […]

Wave Gotik Treffen 2005

13 – 16 May 2005, Leipzig (Germany), various locations. My memory does not always serve me well, but I guess this was my fifth visit to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig since my first time in 1998. The yearly Easter festival, which has organically grown into a major gothic event, was already held for […]