Novalis (deux)

Novalis from Germany has a melancholic and romantic musical sound, somwhere between neofolk and dark wave. Since their first EP in 2001 the band gradually evolved, with concerts and releases getting better everytime. Their latest album “…Paradise?” is their strongest work so far. Stev Schumann (vocals/guitar) tells us somewhat more about the band. The interview […]

Einstuerzende Neubauten

Paradiso, Amsterdam 4 April 2005 The Einstuerzende Neubauten already exist for 25 years now. To celebrate this anniversary, the Berlin avantgarde industrial act embarked on a new tour. They played amongst others in Amsterdam’s Paradiso, where they did a great show.

Dead Can Dance

Nederlands Congres Centrum (NCC), PWA Zaal, The Hague 12 March 2005 Dead Dan Dance is of course a legendary band, and high on my wishlist of bands to see live. From various people I heard euphoric comments about how good Brendan Perry are Lisa Gerrard are on stage. The fact that they split up in […]

Battery Cage

Quite a lot happened lately around Battery Cage, the EBM/industrial band from Boston. So much actually, that interviewer Ikecht hardly knew where to begin with his questions. There is news about three different albums being released and re-released on various labels. Time to clear some confusion, time to let founding member Tyler Newman inform us […]

Thee Hyphen

One of the more refreshing electronic pop albums that came out recently, was Consolidated Green by the French project Thee Hyphen. Reviewer Ikecht was quite charmed by this album and decided to find out more about Thee Hyphen. He asked its creator, Member U-0176, for some background information about this project and his label BoredomProduct.

Carpe Noctem Festival II

Theatrium, Mechelen (Belgium) 22 January 2005 Volksweerbaarheid, Dead Man’s Hill, Predella Avant, Sanctum, Allerseelen.


Creating.paradise is an upcoming electronic/EBM band from Germany. They made a positive impression on me with their first cd Killing Dreams. The two bandmembers, both called Bjoern, were so kind to tell us more about their musical project.

GOR + Pinkruby

Friday 24 December 2004 Unknown Pleasure – Silent Night edition live: GOR (Francesco Banchini) + Pinknruby W2, Den Bosch (NL)

Belgian Independent Music Festival 2004

18 December 2004 Hof ter Lo, Antwerp (Belgium) Sonar, Ah-Cama Sotz, Parade Ground, Trisomie 21, Portion Control, Aroma di Amore…

Warsaw Village Band and Saint Nicholas Orchestra

12 December 2004 RASA, Utrecht

Trisomie 21

Trisomie 21 from France, named after a chromosome which causes the Down syndrome, built up a good reputation in the 80’s and early 90’s with a mixture of moody coldwave and atmospheric music, in which guitars, electronics and voices play an equally important role. In the last decade it was rather silent around the two […]

Antony and Cocorosie

Antony and the Johnsons Cocorosie 21 November 2004 Paradiso, Amsterdam

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 23 November 2004 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

A// from Invasion Planète Rec.

Funprox has been paying attention to the releases of the French minimal analogue electro-nics label Invasion Planète Rec. for quite a while now. Also for some time we wanted to do an interview with A//, founder of the label and also known as the musician behind acts like It & My Computer, Le Syndicat Electronique […]


Estampie from Germany is probably the most well known medieval ensemble around. For many years they are bringing back medieval music to life. Both in the world of classical music and of (alternative) pop music they have gained suces. For Funprox we had a little chat with Michael Popp, co-founder and one of the leading […]

Interpol – background, live, album

In this extensive article you can read: – background information about Interpol; – live report (Melkweg, Amsterdam – 23 September 2004); – a review of the latest Interpol album ‘Antics’.

Fiel Garvie, Bearsuit and Magoo

12 October 2004 / Ekko, Utrecht Every city has its music scene, small or big. And every scene has its ups and downs. Apparently the musical climate of Norwich is blossoming at the moment. Three indiebands from that English city played together in Utrecht: Fiel Garvie, Bearsuit and Magoo.

A Night of Confusion

28 September 2004 / LVC, Leiden (NL) Volksweerbaarheid Novo Homo Predella Avant Der Blutharsch

Summer Darkness 2004

various locations, Utrecht (NL) The canals in my hometown Utrecht looked somewhat darker than usual. The reason was the second edition of the Summer Darkness festival. During three days concerts were held in Tivoli, De Helling, Ekko and even in the Jans Church, with many bands that seldomly play in the Netherlands. About 3000 visitors […]

Amplexus festival

Jam Club, Venice (It) / 15 May 2004 “Una notte di danze dalla monarchia del Danubio” with Allerseelen, Scivias, Cawatana, Sturmpercht