Hau Ruck! Festival

Monastery, Vienna (Austria) / 31 October – 2 November 2002 B.O.T.I.S., Novy Svet, Tribe of Circle, Dernière Volonté & more


Frédéric Arbour, based in Montreal, Canada, is the man behind the new dark ambient project Instincts. The debut release of Instincts, “The Mystery Visions”, was a collaboration with graphic artist Bustum. For this release Arbour has founded his own label, Cyclic Law. Recently a second high-quality release appeared on this label, a fine dark ambient […]

Current 93

‘under Soft Black Stars’ St. Olave’s Church, London (UK) / 6 april 2002 + Antony and the Johnson, Backworld & Sorrow

Darkfolk Festival

Magnifiosi, Lisse (Netherlands) / Sunday 13 October 2002 Volksweerbaarheid, Ostara & Of the Wand and the Moon


Remanence, based in the USA, is an act that makes impressive ambient/neoclassical music. In 1999 the fine album “Apparitions” was released by the English Cold Spring label. Now Remance is back, with the “Lamkhyer” EP. Brian Williams and John Phipps, the two members of Remance, gave me lenghty and interesting comments about their music. Nice […]


Aenima is an upcoming band from Portugal. Their music is a mixture of gothic rock, ethereal and heavenly voices. Aenima just released the EP “Never Fragile”, on the young label Equilibrium Music. Bandmember Rune (guitars, samples) was so kind as to introduce the band in detail…

Konzert – Sommernacht

Schloss Mansfeld, Germany / Saturday 20 July 2002 Sonne Hagal, Forseti, Argine Organisation: Ars Auditionis

Sol Veritas Lux festival

La Sarraz, Switzerland | 21 July 2001 with Ostara, Forseti, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Camerata Mediolanense.

Wave Gotik Treffen 2002

Leipzig, Germany / Easter 2002 Helium Vola, Darkwood, Forseti, Ataraxia, Argine & more…

Death in June

The Steeple, Waregem (Belgium) / 30 April 2002 with Boyd Rice/NON


Where: CC Luchtbal, Antwerp (Belgium) When: 24 March 2002 Who: Sieben + Pilori & This Morn` Omina…

Wave Gotik Treffen 2000

Every year at Easter time Leipzig, in eastern Germany, harbours the big Wave Gotik Treffen. Each year more and more people come to this gathering of goths from everywhere. During this festival, which lasts four days, many well-known bands perform and there are numerous other interesting activities. This year, 2000, the ninth edition of the […]