End-of-the-year lists

whenever i’m not inspired to put on a record, i can choose from one of the many end-of-the-year-toplists on the radio… i’m zapping between the ‘top 2000‘ at radio 2, the ‘verrukkelijke 715‘ at 3fm and the ‘rock 500‘ at arrow classic rock…

La la store

visited the new shop la la land [music] in the hague today. i was pleasantly suprised by their large gothic/industrial stock and decent prices! found a secondhand copy of the classic ‘aldebaran’ by inade there…

Joe R.I.P.

now playing “the story of the clash”, in memorial of joe strummer

Windzeit box

the luxurious box of windzeit from forseti arrived yesterday. it costed a fortune, but it looks and sounds really splendid!


now listening to a recent acquisition, incunabula by autechre. i find it surprisingly beautiful and relaxed. perhaps because it is one their more accessible works…

Pass the dutchie

now listening to some fine dutch musical history: Spasmodique en The Serenes. thanx JP!

Book of memories

now reading a book about Adrian Borland, called The Book of (happy) Memories. It’s a collection of memories from friends and musicians. it has become a nice combination of a laugh and a tear…

Clean records

sunday is a nice day to do some household chores… now cleaning some dirty old records with Disco Antistat, a product which seems to be unchanged since the 70’s…

Anti music

enough of all that fine music? then browse this links directory: anti music, with least recommended albums, bad songs of the week, atrocious bands, anti-fan sites…

Seahorse 93

just downloaded a nice new Current 93 live song, ‘The Seahorse’. you can find this and material from some other artists at Bluesanct…

Pixies: the musical!

The Broadway musical, entitled “Teenager of the Year,” would follow the entire career trajectory of the Pixies and include songs both from that period and from Black’s solo career.

Grab bag

drowning in a wave of nostalgia… a package with 30+ classic new wave 7″ singles arrived today ;-)

Ill demo

in the archives of radio 100 i found a nice item, which i borrowed: a demo cdr by Tribe of Circle from 1999, entitled ‘ill society”…

Gods Wil

this wednesday, 23 october, I will be guest DJ @ the radioshow Gods Wil. it will be broadcasted through Radio 100 (99.3 FM in Amsterdam) and as a live webstream…

From a different perspective

had a beautiful cd in my discman today: “Definitions of raw moments from a different perspective” by the swedish act Mago, released by Ad Noiseam. very nice, dreamlike electronics by two members of Sanctum. i almost forgot that my train got stuck in the middle of nowhere for an hour…

Lili Marleen

this monday the composer of Lili Marleen, perhaps the most popular war song ever, died: Norbert Schultze, aged 91. he wrote the song in 1937. it was sung by stars as Vera Lynn and Marlene Dietrich, and recently by Camerata Mediolanense. “Werd’ ich bei der Laterne steh’n, Wie einst Lili Marleen…”


now listening to some fine dark soundscapes from the promising Canadian Cyclic Law label. outstanding in luxurious packaging and dark ambient sounds!

Summer nights

just listened to some fine live tracks from Sonne Hagal, Forseti and Argine, recorded at the Konzert Sommernacht in Manfeld. it brought back nice memories…

ZNS tapes

don’t you feel like downloading some old obscure industrial tapes?


obtained an incredibly strange cd today: “aloha sayonora” by the honolulu mountain daffodils. one of the bandmembers is adrian borland (the sound), disguised as joachim pimento…