Speed ticket

from the Stones the compilation Forty Licks has been released, with hits from their early years. the songs do not only sound clearer, but also play at the right speed for the first time! apparently their albums that were released between 1964 and 1970 by the ABKCO label were all playing too slowly. this was […]


a very informative and profound documentary about the dutch gothic scene was broadcasted by Veronica Kink TV last night. in no less than 5:48 minutes all the ins and outs about the gothic movement were treated, with many new insights…

Silence please

an english rockband, The Planets, has been sued for plagiarism. on their latest album the band included a minute silence. this is said to be an unlawful ‘cover ‘ of “4’33”, a piece by the late composer John Cage, who created a composition with nothing but silence. The Planets have paid the publishers of Cage […]

Shooting the past

watched ‘Shooting the Past‘ last night, a brilliant BBC tv-film in 3 parts by Stephen Poliakoff. absolutely fabulous! just a shame my video missed the last 5 minutes ;-(

Explosive situation

nice letter from the city council: an English WW II bomb has been found two streets away. we will receive additional info about a possible evacuation…

A from Abba

could not choose what to listen to, so i grabbed a bunch of vinyl records starting with the letter ‘A’. the results: now listening to aurum nostrum, argine, actus, a;grumh, and also the trees, alphaville, art of noise, alarm, amnesia…

Nice gem

nicest design of the week: the new mcd lamkhyer by remanence. fine ambient music too!


bought a nice cabinet at a fleamarket yesterday, with a built-in old Thorens turntable, from the late 40’s/early 50’s. if I will ever get the turntabe to actually work is unsure, but it is looking great!

Cool videö

a nice electropop tune and a brilliant video: ‘remind me’ by Royksöpp…


great dutch tunes of vintage children tv shows…


heavenly download: the new song ‘innocent child’ from Arcana…

Cheer up, Goth!

spotted in Glasgow: a ‘gothic billboard’ for Scotlands other national drink, Irnbru. “Cheer up, goth! Have an Irnbru.”


read that Wire is playing in Europe in november. brought me in the mood to play the “154 pink chairs” cd, compiling their classic early years ’77-’79. my favourite Wire album would be “154” .

Post-holiday blues

Going back to work after a holiday is hard. Therefore only tranquil music in my stereo last night: Letum, (a nice atmospheric act on Cold Meat), “Patashnik” from Biosphere and the melancholic French music of Cherche-Lune.

Rare Sound

In Edinburgh I ran into a highly interesting cdr “rare singles and sessions” by The Sound, the legendary wave band around the late Adrian Borland. Especially the demo’s for the band’s masterpiece “From the lion’s mouth” and some radio sessions are very interesting to hear!

Modern English

Listening to a classic new wave album again: “After the Snow” by Modern English. If someone knows this band, it is usually for their ‘hit’ I melt with you. The band has done far more interesting things though. Last year 4AD released the compilation “life in the gladhouse 1980-1984”, spanning their best period.


A nice addition to my vinyl collection: the single ‘Beyond nothing’ from Polygon. Good looking, and with two fine cold electronic tracks…


Saw a nice concert by Camerata Mediolanense Saturday, with a lot of percussion and some promising new songs. Temperatures in Obscura/De Oefenbunker rose high at the following ‘Death Odors’ dancenight…


A friend gave me the soundtrack from Hannibal yesterday. Though i’ve never seen the movie, I can appreciate the soundtrack a lot, with haunting dark classical music, partly composed by Hans Zimmer.

Mp3 party

A promising new party in British politics: the mp3 party.