Another label

received some promos for review from the french industrial label mechanoise labs today. sometimes the number of interesting labels really seems to be endless…

Moby doesn’t fade

Now listening to ‘New dawn fades’ by Moby. No matter what Eminem would say, this is one of the best cover versions of Joy Division I know… It can be found on the A Means To An End tribute as well as on Moby’s Feeling so real single.

Im Blutfeuer

finally obtained the ‘Im blutfeuer” sampler. though i downloaded the tracks via Napster and/or Audio Galaxy (R.I.P.) in the past, i wanted to have the original version of this dark folk milestone. the death in june track is rather boring, the songs of blood axis, ernte, sol invictus and allerseelen are excellent.

Rare Rosary

Finally more or less completed my In My Rosary collection. Ebay was needed though to find “Farewell to nothing”. Perhaps their best album, but released on Discordia, out of business for years…

The new cool

“Ladytron will allow the safe, sensual satisfaction of your new wave cravings, while still permitting you to look all hip and cool and poised on the bleeding edge of musical trendiness”, according to a review. Well, i kinda like their album “604”. Particularly infectious: the felix da housecat remix on the “playgirl ep”….

Looking smart

It’s a good time for splendid looking releases. The top 3 of the last weeks in terms of design & package (in no particular order): Mlada Fronta – Oxydes Wilt – Radio 1940 Cynfeirdd compilation – Songs for Landeric And they sound pretty good too!

Into classical

Now in the mood for some tranquil music. Listening to various versions of Fratres by Arvo Pärt, the great Estonian composer. Wonderful compositions for strings and percussion, cello and piano.

Those were the days

Tonight I was checking with a friend which music was popular when we were born. The number 1 single in the Dutch charts at my day of birth was ‘do you love me’ by some Shariff Dean. Never heard of him, and it was his only hit ;-). The no. 1 album was a compilation […]

No shit

Heard a fine record at a friend’s place last night. It has a difficult title though, so I had to write it down to remember it. Tt was a 12″ by T. Raumschmiere called Zartbitter, on a label entitled Shitkatapult. The music could perhaps be described as not too fast, repetitive techno with a nice […]


One of the nicest movies of last year: ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain‘. Now listening to the lovely soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, still a quarantee for a good mood!

LPD downloads

Many artists and labels consider internet as a big threat. Not the Legendary Pink Dots: you can download many free live tracks at the LPD download page!


During and just after WWII there was a shortage of shellac, the material from which early records were made. To buy a record you had to hand in two of your old records! If that would happen in the present time, I wonder which artists would be swapped the most…

Washing up

Now doing the dishes while listening to Legowelt. It makes any job a lot more fun! Their retro-electro-disco music is absolutely contagious. The Hague disco elite rules!