Ciao Italia vol. 1

As a birthday present for the Italian wife of someone I know, I compiled a cd of Italian underground music.

Live manoeuvres

KRO Legendarisch live is a radio show which weekly broadcasts a ‘classic’ concert.

Fired up

Der Feuerkreiner from Italy wasn’t very happy about their label Fluttering Dragon from Poland.

NDW playground

A noteworthy weblog is Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt.

Mozart Superstar

Have fun with the Mozart Mixer and the digital bandsalad, which are part of the entertaining website eynfach.mozart (Superstar 1756 – 2006).

Doctor’s recipe

By accident I encountered the weblog of ‘Dr. Auratheft’. He writes about a great variety of (often exotic or unknown) music.


If you’re an avid record collector like me, you might know the unavoidable problem: where do you store all that music? DJ Furniture offers some convenient looking storage units for records and equipment, and you can also have them custom made. Now there’s just one more thing I need: a bigger house…


Do you want to make a copy of your valuable vinyl records? German newspaper Die Zeit offers a step-by-step manual. You only need to invest 60 euro and two days of your time and you can ‘re-press’ your LP’s!

Let them eat cake

Most critics seem to agree that the best thing about the movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ is its lavish visual style. The costume drama, directed by Sofia Coppola, also has a controversial soundtrack.


Never a dull moment with YouTube. What to think of Homophonia, an ‘interactive live art event’ in the British Library in which ‘human gramophones’ perform historical sound material…

Window shopping

No, this is not an old picture of an underground record store in the 80’s. This is the current shop window of bookshop Athenaeum in the centre of Amsterdam, which I spotted this weekend.

Date of the beast

“So what should we expect from this great and dreadful day? Plenty of marketing, for a start…”

Club Moral Stocklist

Club Moral can be considered a legendary name in the experimental industrial scene. The Club Moral Stocklist is a nice initiative: a temporary digital release of Club Moral products for your free downloading pleasure.

Tops & Flops

Some quite debatable lists: – 100 best all-time albums (organised by – 50 worst songs ever (courtesy of – Top 20 best album of all time ( poll) – The 50 worst albums ever (compiled by Q magazine)


On an impulse I decided to see Dinosaur Jr., who were playing in town. Though I always loved contemporaries like Sonic Youth and the Pixies more, they’re of course a legendary name.

Tape selections

Wanna hear some music that’s truly obscure? Homemade Alien Music is a one hour program hosted by Hal McGee, in which he plays selections from his personal collection of classic cassette releases from the 80’s and 90’s of homemade industrial, experimental and electronic music. You can download his near-weekly podcast in mp3-format.


I bet you were waiting for this: a complete reggae version of Radiohead’s OK Computer, entitled Radiodread will be out in August. Previously the Easy Star All-Stars recorded Dub Side of the Moon…


Though I’m perfectly happy with my Technics and Thorens turntables, some people may crave for an easy way to digitalize their vinyl collection.


I planned to skip this years’ edition of the WGT. The line-up didn’t look very spectacular, and I visited quite a few events abroad already. But the program is getting more attractive: Orplid (their first and perhaps only concert!), Novy Svet, Neutral, Parzival, Apoptose (first live gig), Propergol, Seelenthron, Land:Fire, Cyclotimia, Spiritual Front, Seelenthron, Ordo […]

New Joys

The news on the Joy Division/New Order front just not seem to stop ever. A new book, dvd, cd and records will keep the fans busy…