Saturday night

This Saturday I will be playing some tunes at the Dwaalspoor party. It will be held at the Baroeg in Rotterdam. Expect dark folk, medieval, industrial, dark ambient, ritual and other avantgarde sounds. Fellow DJ is Mich, also known as driving force of HERR. The event takes place from 21 till 02:00 hrs.


It looks like is back on track again, after a two months’ absence. I hope you enjoy the new site!

I don’t wanna walk around with you

Finally there was something interesting on Dutch tv: a (shortened) version of a documentary about punk icons the Ramones. End of the Century: The Ramones Story is also available on DVD. Fascinating to see how the band members could not stand each other, but kept on touring for over 20 years.

Zoetrope trailer

Dark ambient pioneer Lustmord provided the music for Charlie Deaux’s Zoetrope, an eighteen minute short film based on Franz Kafka’s In the Penal Colony. “Collaborating with Lustmord’s Brian Williams, cinematographer James Hawkinson and animator Robert Beebe, Deaux has created an impeccable, nightmarish vision of a man crushed and destroyed by the mechanistic devices of […]

InterZone: recordings

The VPRO recorded most of the shows at the recent ambient/experimental InterZone festival in Utrecht.

Divine radio

An excellent opportunity to discover the music of Divine Comedy Records: a special edition of Archetyp webradio with 20 tracks from various releases of the French label. You can enjoy artists like Land, A Challenge Of Honour, Reutoff, Sonne Hagal, Empusae and much more.

Virtual Sol

A new development for Sol Invictus: a downloadable release. “These Cold Hands Compilation” contains previews of tracks from upcoming Tursa projects.

Lagowski’s archive

A legendary name in electronic music is without a doubt Andrew Lagowski. Since 1982 he has been involved in projects like Nagamatzu, Lustmord, Terror Against Terror, Legion, S.E.T.I. en Lagowski. He now offers various recordings for free download on!

Slayer revisited

Erik Hinds is a musician from Atlanta with a improvisation/jazz background. He now has re-recorded Slayer’s complete 1986 Reign in Blood album!

Free from Suilven

TheFirstTen is a compilation cdr containing tracks from each of the first ten Suilven Recordings releases. It’s available now for anyone, anywhere, and at absolutely no cost whatsoever…

Leeb’s garage sale

Always wanted to sound like FLA? Bill Leeb is selling his gear on eBay. You have just a few hours left to purchase his ARP 2600 synth. About the Mini Moog (used on Skinny Puppy’s first two albums) you can think a few days longer.

Vashti Bunyan

It’s one of those appealing music stories. A forgotten folk singer from the sixties is rediscovered and starts recording again. In recent years there have been various acts and singers that have been brought to the light again. Some examples are Changes, Shirley Colins and Simon Finn, to name but a few. The story of […]


Enochian Apocalypse has a feature about the controversy between the labels Van Richter and Alfa Matrix about Noised by Plastic Noise Experience. According to PNE, this is an illegal bootleg release.

New webzine

A newly started webzine: The Buried Sky. It has mostly interviews for now, including one with Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels).

Antony gets award

Antony and the Johnsons have won this year’s Mercury Music Prize for the album I Am A Bird Now.

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is an obscure English synth project from the early 80’s. Recently they made a come-back with an LP, a concert and a website!

Antimatter: videos

Antimatter offers four acoustic live videos to download for free.‘Antimatter 06 06 03‘ was filmed during their 2003 tour, and features ‘The Last Laugh’, ‘Going Nowhere/Destiny’, ‘In Stone’ and ‘Empty’ im .wmv format. The release also has full artwork to print.

Live fast, die young

The Times has a feature about musicians who died young and the films made about them: Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis, Sid Vicious, Stuart Sutcliffe and Richey Edwards (missing since 1995).

Au Pairs

This weekend I found the LP “Playing with a Different Sex” (1981) by the Au Pairs in a recycling store. It was their first of only two albums, a live album not counted.

Dr Moog

A new addition to the list of deceased pioneers. Bob Moog, who can be regarded as the inventor of synthesizers, died on August 21, aged 71.