Beta Evers / Kommando 6

Funprox had a chat with Brigitte Enzler from Augsburg, Bavaria. She has a musical career spanning over 20 years. Nowadays she is active with her solo project Beta Evers, various collaborations and her own succesful electro label Kommando 6. Brigitte talks about her past, her current activitities and plans for the future.


Wermut has caught the attention of both minimal electronics fans and lovers of dark folk music. They seem to be a rather new group but are definitely not. Both members, Sofia E.R. and Laszlo P.S, have been producing music for along time. Also they are active with their relative new label Treue Um Treue / […]

Twelve Thousand Days

Guest contribution by Benjamin: a substantial interview with Alan Trench concerning his neo-folk formation Twelve Thousand Days


Richter is a duo from Canada that makes electronic / synthpop music. Ikecht was positively surprised when reviewing their debut album Cost of Living, which was released by themselves. Therefore he decided to find out more about this promising act and invited Jack and Lizz to enlighten us about their project.

Peter Ulrich

Recently Peter Ulrich released his second solo album “Enter the Mysterium”, after his debut with “Pathways and Dawns” in 1999. No matter how many other albums he will make, I suspect Ulrich will always be related to his previous activities as drummer/percussionist of Dead Can Dance. Which is of course nothing to be ashamed about. […]

Novalis (deux)

Novalis from Germany has a melancholic and romantic musical sound, somwhere between neofolk and dark wave. Since their first EP in 2001 the band gradually evolved, with concerts and releases getting better everytime. Their latest album “…Paradise?” is their strongest work so far. Stev Schumann (vocals/guitar) tells us somewhat more about the band. The interview […]

Battery Cage

Quite a lot happened lately around Battery Cage, the EBM/industrial band from Boston. So much actually, that interviewer Ikecht hardly knew where to begin with his questions. There is news about three different albums being released and re-released on various labels. Time to clear some confusion, time to let founding member Tyler Newman inform us […]

Thee Hyphen

One of the more refreshing electronic pop albums that came out recently, was Consolidated Green by the French project Thee Hyphen. Reviewer Ikecht was quite charmed by this album and decided to find out more about Thee Hyphen. He asked its creator, Member U-0176, for some background information about this project and his label BoredomProduct.


Creating.paradise is an upcoming electronic/EBM band from Germany. They made a positive impression on me with their first cd Killing Dreams. The two bandmembers, both called Bjoern, were so kind to tell us more about their musical project.

Trisomie 21

Trisomie 21 from France, named after a chromosome which causes the Down syndrome, built up a good reputation in the 80’s and early 90’s with a mixture of moody coldwave and atmospheric music, in which guitars, electronics and voices play an equally important role. In the last decade it was rather silent around the two […]

A// from Invasion Planète Rec.

Funprox has been paying attention to the releases of the French minimal analogue electro-nics label Invasion Planète Rec. for quite a while now. Also for some time we wanted to do an interview with A//, founder of the label and also known as the musician behind acts like It & My Computer, Le Syndicat Electronique […]


Estampie from Germany is probably the most well known medieval ensemble around. For many years they are bringing back medieval music to life. Both in the world of classical music and of (alternative) pop music they have gained suces. For Funprox we had a little chat with Michael Popp, co-founder and one of the leading […]


An interview with Peter Bjärgö from Sweden, mastermind of the heavenly Arcana and the more powerful Sophia. This interview deals mainly with Sophia, which has recently released the album “Deconstruction of the world”.

Sonne Hagal

One of the more interesting groups to have come from Germany in recent years must be Sonne Hagal. They gained my support with some convincing live performances. Their releases have been quite varied, from traditional folk music to electronic experiments. Sonne Hagal’s singer tells us more about the band…

Swann Danger

An interview with Cynthia Mansourian of the promising new American gothrock formation Swann Danger…

The Protagonist

Magnus Sundström from Sweden is a freelance composer/remixer/producer. His first industrial project was third EYE. Magnus really impressed me with his neo-classical project The Protagonist and the strong album “A Rebours”. Lately he has made some heavy industrial releases as Des Esseintes, like the excellent split mcd with Diskrepant, on his own label Fin de […]

Dawn & Dusk Entwined

Dawn & Dusk Entwined comes from France, with David Sabre as the sole bandmember. In his own words he makes music which varies from ‘dark-symphonic, industrial-ambient works to martial-epic moods’ . After two albums on World Serpent, D&DE recently delived a new album on the Athanor label, his best and most mature piece of work […]

Dream into Dust

Dream into Dust is an act from New York which is hard to describe. The project, which releases music on their own label Chthonic Streams, fuses neo-folk, industrial, classical and more elements into an orginal mixture, which is experimental and accessible at the same time. Their latest album “The Lathe of Heaven” is their most […]

Once a Barge

Once a Barge is an upcoming neo-folk project from Germany. After a debut on the Reaping Horde label from Portugal, the second album “Conditio Humana” came out recently on Once a Barge’s own label Holzr?na. The album showed various influences, but still was original enough attract my attention. Sole bandmember Antonius was so kind to […]

Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis surprised me very positively with their debut album “Delay and Depression”. I’m generally not very fond of synthpops group from Sweden, but I find the music of Marina Sirtis very pleasant to listen to. No one-dimensional clubhits, but good songs with a lot of atmosphere and feeling… Martin Löfgren (vocal, programming) tells us […]