This band from Jena rapidly achieved a good reputation in the neo-folk scene, despite having only one limited release (Jenzig 10″) on the Eis & Licht label. One explanation for that must be the convincing concerts of Forseti at various festivals. The first full-length album “Windzeit” fully lived up to the high expectations. Time to […]

Asmodeus X

A relatively new act from Houston, Texas. They intrigued me with their variety of styles, to be found on their album “Wolf Age”. Asmodeus X says to be influenced by Joy Division, Laibach, Kraftwerk, Death in June and KLF. Despite a somewhat grim image they have a few very poppy synth tunes on their repertoire… […]


One of my favourite albums of this year must be “Definition of raw moments from a different perspective” by Mago, released by Ad Noiseam. Beautiful, relaxed music with a warm feeling. I was rather surprised to hear that the Swedes behind Mago are the same people who are involved in Sanctum and Azure Skies. Jan […]

Sol Invictus

Tony Wakeford is of course known as the frontman of Sol Invictus. Recently the compilation “The Giddy Whirls of Centuries” was released, which gives an overview of the 15 years that this apocalyptic folkband is active now. Not that a reason was really necessary to ask Tony for some reactions…


Frédéric Arbour, based in Montreal, Canada, is the man behind the new dark ambient project Instincts. The debut release of Instincts, “The Mystery Visions”, was a collaboration with graphic artist Bustum. For this release Arbour has founded his own label, Cyclic Law. Recently a second high-quality release appeared on this label, a fine dark ambient […]


Remanence, based in the USA, is an act that makes impressive ambient/neoclassical music. In 1999 the fine album “Apparitions” was released by the English Cold Spring label. Now Remance is back, with the “Lamkhyer” EP. Brian Williams and John Phipps, the two members of Remance, gave me lenghty and interesting comments about their music. Nice […]


Aenima is an upcoming band from Portugal. Their music is a mixture of gothic rock, ethereal and heavenly voices. Aenima just released the EP “Never Fragile”, on the young label Equilibrium Music. Bandmember Rune (guitars, samples) was so kind as to introduce the band in detail…