Sangre Cavallum: new album

Pátria Granítica is the new cd/lp on Ahnstern/Steinklang from the northern Portuguese Sangre Cavallum. It’s the follow-up to Barbara Carmina which was released by Storm Records.

Sub Luna: new project on Dagaz

Dagaz Music presents In The Shade Of Time, the debut album by Sub Luna from Sweden.

Ô Paradis: 2cd on Punch

Something to look forward to in early June: the 2cd “Las Nubes Que Mueren” by Ô Paradis.

Autunna et sa Rose: new album

The new album by Autunna et sa Rose is called L’Art et la Mort and is out on Ark Records.

K. Meizter: solo album

K. Meizter, known for his involvement in Beyond Sensory Experience, makes his solo debut on HORUS CyclicDaemon with Travelling Light.

Attrition: anniversary compilation

Attrition was formed in 1980 by Martin Bowes and Julia Waller in Coventry, England. They are celebrating their 25 year anniversary with the release of the ‘best of cd’ Tearing arms from Deities. This is a 16 track 74 minute CD of re-collected, re-worked and re-mastered works.

Mushroom’s Patience: new label, new split cd

Mushroom’s Patience, the atonal pop combo from Iatly, has signed to Punch Records. In expectation of a new release on that label, Mushroom’s Patience presents a split cd with Outofsight from Poland. The digipack cd is out on War Office Propaganda and contains “50 minutes of very interesting sounds and rhythms”.

Melanchoholic: second act

Deafborn Records announces in collaboration with Multi National Desaster: Melanchoholics – A Single Act of Carelessness CD

Stratis: new material

German wave- electro act Stratis announces the cd As Life Goes By on his own label Temporary Music. It contains 19 tracks in 79 minutes, partly new material recorded in 2005/2006, partly a selection of songs from the 80’s.

Echo West: new pop album

The latest album by Echo West is called In Pop We Trust. It’s out today on Dark Vinyl. On their new album, this German minimal electro act is moving into “more melodic and partly even danceable minimal electro songs, away from industrial to more poppy tracks”. Other recent releases on Dark Vinyl include work by […]

Fiel Garvie: new material

Fiel Garvie from the UK, who impressed me with several singles and the 2003 indie/shoegaze album “Leave Me Out Of This”, announce the release of new material.

Touch: 25th anniversary

This year Touch celebrates its 25th anniversary. The label was conceived by Jon Wozencroft in 1981. Touch released its first cassette magazine ‘Feature Mist’ in 1982 [detailed info on the early cassettes]. In 2006-2007 there are various special live activities. Furthermore we can enjoy the anniversary compilation Touch25, produced initially for the magazine His Voice […]

Tuxedomoon soundtrack

Out this month on is Bardo Hotel Soundtrack by Tuxedomoon, an album described by themselves as ‘road movie of the mind’. It is released by Made to Measure, a newly resurrected imprint of Crammed Discs. The music for this successor of “Cabin in the Sky” was recorded in San Francisco and consists of ‘inspired instrumentals, […]

Michael Cashmore: solo album

Michael Cashmore’s first solo album ‘Sleep England’ is almost ready. A new website for Cashmore, of Current 93 and Nature & Organisation fame, is currently under construction. Meanwhile you can follow recent developments through his page. There’s also a separate page for Nature and Organisation.

Trisomie 21: remix series

The latest Trisomie 21 album “Happy mystery child” has been remixed intensively. The second and third remix sets are on their way…

Forseti lebt!

To be released on Auerbach & Noltex this summer: the folkloristic compilation

Werkbund: Weit Draussen

The enigmatic project Werkbund has a new album ready: Weit Draussen. Released on Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien as WULP 026 in a limited and numbered edition of 500 copies. Expect dark atmospheric soundscapes a la Asmus Tietchens. It can be ordered through Reduktive Musiken and perhaps other selected mailorders. Mp3 preview

Athanor: new website

The French label Athanor, distributor of ‘occultural soundscapes’ since 1995, has a brandnew website. It looks nice and works easy, only I miss descriptions and samples of their releases. Upcoming releases on Athanor are “Absinthe, La Folie Verte” by LJDLP/Blood Axis (reissue) and “Faint Light Below” by Asmorod. Details of other planned releases can be […]

JAMC: DualDiscs

In the ongoing reissue mania now it’s time for Jesus & Mary Chain. The albums Psychocandy, Darklands, Automatic, Honey’s Dead and Stoned And Dethroned are all being reissued as DualDiscs. The CD side is the original album digitally remastered for the first time, while the DVD side presents the album in surround sound and adds […]

Phragments: debut reissued

The recommended debut album of Phragments is re-released now on a proper cd on Construct.Destroy.Collective. Homo Homini Lvpvs contains 8 tracks of orchestral power mixed with industrial machinery. This is the first pressed CD by Phragments, packaged in a black digipack, also containing a multimedia video track by Sonic(k).