Seelenthron: new single

German folk project Seelenthron will offer a new single to coinside with their performance at the Wave Gotik Treffen (June 3rd, 21:00, Heidnischen Dorf). Steingeworden contains four new tracks, presented on a black cd-r in a limited metal box. After the festival it will be available through the Nielozilla shop.

Arditi: new Standards of Triumph

After the “Destiny of Iron” 7″ EP, Equilibrium Music now also releases a full-length album by Arditi. “Standards of Triumph” is out since May 22 on digipack CD and limited edition heavy vinyl.

Hive Records: Photophob and more

Out on Hive Records is Still Warm by Photophob. It “moves away from the sci-fi themes of Your Majesty Machine into more humanistic territory – the lush industrial beats & breaks remain, but a pervasive feeling of melancholy threads through this album.” Sister label Suspicious Records offers Ganglion, the debut album from Menton J Matthew’s […]

Twilight Records: Camerata and more

Out on Argentina’s Twilight Records is the cd Pankr? tion, a collection containing ten of the most representative Camerata Mediolanense tracks taken from their previous releases on cd and on 10″. The label also offers a split album of Cawatana and Storm of Capricorn, with 5 unreleased tracks by both dark folk / martial bands. […]

Ad Noiseam: Larvae and Keef Baker

Out now on Ad Noiseam is Pure Language by Keef Baker. “UK’s multitalented Baker offers a solid 6-track MCD in which his music takes a resolute accoustic and organic turn. Warm voices flow through “Pure Language” on top of a very distinctive bass and a new found drum’n’bass twist. Coming on June 12th is Dead […]

Robin Guthrie: Continental album

Robin Guthrie will be known to most people as co-founder of the Cocteau Twins. Besides his work as a producer and engineer, he also delivers a solo work now and then. His latest effort is called Continental, an instrumental album with his typical shimmering guitars and ethereal moods. It is available through Darla Records. Robin’s […]

Afe records: new (online) releases

Italian underground electronic label Afe Records has produced many new releases recently, including works by Aidan Baker, Subinterior, Dronaement and many more. A full overview can be found at the label’s website. Interesting to mention is that they also offer two free online compilations.

Mimetic: first dvd release

Mimetic, the solo project of Jerome Soudan (Von Magnet, Column One) announces his first DVD release. “Mimetic Desire – Sacred Aim” is a joint release by Ant-Zen and Parametric, with more than 22 video-clips, documentary, interview, live extracts from Canada, photos etc.

New issue of :Ikonen: magazine

A new issue of :Ikonen: magazine is ready: Nr. 8 (spring/summer 2006) magazine (German language, 52 pages). You can order it through

Heathcliff and Catherine: new electro band

Heathcliff and Catherine is a new dark electro band from Rome. It consists of three members: Stefano Teatini (also singer of Meschalina, Chiara Ferralis and Roberto Baldassari (an Italian actor). The band promotes their debut single Regina della Notte. You can download some free mp3 samples from their website.

Eis & Licht: Nebelung & Neutral

Out on Eis & Licht is a 7″ with two new tracks by Nebelung, entitled Reigen. Furthermore the label offers a live cd-r by Neutral. Luisenkirche, Königsberg is a registration of an a acoustic concert in March. Previews of both rather limited releases can be heard at

Loki: two brand new releases

Loki presents two new releases, available from June 2nd: Fjernlys – Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs 2CD First Law – Chaos Structure CD Descriptions and mp3’s can be found at

Messer Chups: live dates The Netherlands

Messer Chups is a duo from St.Petersburg, Russia with Oleg Gitarkin on guitar and Zombie Girl on bass-guitar. Their music combines surf, samples from 50’s and 60’s trash horror sci-fi movies, Soviet synthesizers, electronics.

The Sound: 5 live cd’s

Renascent announces the early July release of no less than 5 full-length live cd’s by The Sound. These concerts were recorded from 1981 to 1985 by Dutch radio and will be sold at mid-price.

Cold Meat: June releases

Cold Meat Industry announces three releases for next month: MZ.412 – Infernal Affairs digiCD (cmi161) ROME – Berlin digi-MCD (cmi156) Medusa’s Spell – Mercurial behaviour digi-CD (cmi155)

Online sampler from Morphic Field

Morphic Field Resonance presents: V.A. – Signal Transmission Relay A sampler with a wide spectrum of sounds, from dark ambient to EBM/electro up to industrial/noise, featuring acts like Painslut, Flower, Tardive Dyskinesia and Krabatov Philharmonik Orchestra. You can find it for free download at in the Downloadsection.

Rise and Fall of a Decade: compilation on new label

Tantric Harmonies announces a new sidelabel. Intuition will deal with new wave, post-rock, indie-pop, post-punk, ethereal and dream-pop oriented music. The first release is planned for this autumn: a compilation of the very best & rare unreleased material from Rise and Fall of a Decade, a legendary French band from early 90s.

Spiritual Front: new cd coming up

Spiritual Front announces that the release of the new cd Armageddon Gigolò is scheduled for June 23rd on Trisol Records. This album features musicians from Ennio Morricone’s orchestra and Matt Howden (Sieben) and was recorded at the Herzog studio in Rome during 2005/2006.

Jarl: Minus web release

Jarl is a project run by Eric Jarl of IRM and is known for excellent ambient/industrial releases on labels like Annihilvs, Segerhuva and Tantric Harmonies. Jarl now offers a free online release. Minus contains 6 tracks, simply entitled I to VI. Jarl also has a myspace page, where you can listen to some of his […]

Gae Bolg: Requiem

Gae Bolg, the bombastic neoclassical project around Eric Roger (who also runs Seven Pines), has a new album out, just half a year after their previous one. Requiem was released by Auerbach on May 5th.