Megaptera: live and more

Megaptera celebrates its 15 years anniversary this year with various (re-)releases.

Moljebka Pvlse: cd on Fifth Week

Moljebka Pvlse from Sweden has a new release this week called dvnkl on Fifth Week Records.

EE Tapes: the first is the latest cd

Out on EE Tapes is ‘Songs for the victims (from a decaying country)’ by Human Flesh.

Anna Logue Records: new releases


Asylum Party collected

reissues on Infrastition


triple cd box 1940-1944

Of the Wand and the reissues

The first two albums by :Of The Wand & The Moon:, Nighttime Nightrhymes (1999) and :Emptiness: Emptiness: Emptiness: (2001), have been reissued by Prophecy Productions. The latter has three bonus tracks and new packaging. The band recently played live in Bochum (report) and Yverdon (photos). Kim Larsen will also participate on Mark Liens’ Les Chasseurs […]

Short Cuts (20-04-2006)

Quick news roundup: Eibon Records, Hymen Records, NCC Records, Ewers Tonkunst, Dorobo, Angle.Rec., Radiotarab, Dystonia recordings, Garten Der Asche, Tosom.

Portion Control vinyl digitalized

It was about time: electro(nic) pioneers Portion Control announce the release of Archive. This is a 5 cd-box containing a wealth of deleted vinyl material for the first time on cd in a very special box. The release date is not yet confirmed (probably early May), but you can already pre-order a copy.

Happy birthday Ad Noiseam

Ad Noiseam is five years old today! The eclectic label celebrates by presenting the impressive triple pack compilation Ad Noiseam 2001-2006. It contains one new new track by past, present and future Ad Noiseam artists, as well as videos by almost half of them. This results in 2 CDs (30 new tracks) and a DVD […]

Argine: concert and single

On April 29, Italy’s Ark Records presents a concert of the wonderful Argine, together with Autunna et sa Rose and Lily’s Puff. This all takes place at Teatro Studio in Rovigo. The first 100 visitors will get the limited 7″ EP Acqua Mossa for free. It comes on green vinyl and contains two tracks by […]

Geneviéve on Ant-Zen

Out today is ‘Soap bubble factory’ by Geneviéve Pasquier, who used to be active in Thorofon. The cd contains 12 new tracks which explore dark, electronic soundscapes, sensuous industrial tunes and driving retro-electro-songs. After her debut LP ‘Virgin thoughts’ and singles on Steinklang, Disorder and Petting Zoo, she has now found shelter at Ant-Zen. Other […]

Band of Pain retrospective

Fin de Siecle Media announces it is fed up with the stagnating dark experimental music scene. Therefore the label will focus on re-releasing forgotten masterpieces from the pioneers of experimental electronics.

Inade: ‘Japanese’ release and concert

Now available from Loki: the Samadhi State CD by Inade. It’s a Japanese edition of remixed studio works from the last years, recorded during several sessions and rehearsals at the Light Channel. This release was originally sold at an Inade concert in Tokyo. More news: Inade will perform together with Land:Fire in Leipzig on May […]

Enfant Terrible: new release out soon

Out soon on Enfant Terrible is the elektro-wave compilation Electronic Renaissance. The LP features twelve contemporary artists amongst which It & My Computer, Porn.Darsteller, Wermut, Echo West and Black Spider Clan.

Hau Ruck: three upcoming releases

Hau Ruck! announces three albums to look out for in the coming weeks: finally a new cd by Tribe of Circle, a 7″ EP by Bain Wolfkind and the debut album of Graumahd.

Short Cuts (03-04-2006)

Quick news roundup:, Belborn, Death in June, Substantia Innominata, Essentia Mundi, Construct.Destroy.Collective, Topheth Prophet, Viva Hate Records, Niko Scorpio, Accelera Deck.

Grendel blacklisted

Grendel are forced to cancel their US tour: “I have been in detention for the last two days, trying to get into the US from Canada. I have been rejected on the basis of apparently being a spreader / carrier of `obscene and communist political extremist` material”. Read the full shocking story at Grendel’s livejournal.

Short Cuts (01-04-06)

Quick news roundup:
This Empty Flow, Mystery Sea, Form of Things Unknown, Sator Absentia, DPIT, UltraNoir, Monokrak, Positron Records, The Guilty Party,

Raison d’être gets dark and monstrous

Cold Meat announces a new Raison d’être album entitled Metamorphyses for mid-April. Expect a massive wall of dark ambient sounds, drones, water, rusty chains and scraping metals. According to Kaptain Karmanik, it’s the most dark and monstrous Raison d’être album so far. You can preview mp3’s of Phase III and Phase IV. A reissue of […]