new Cynfeirdd releases

new Cynfeirdd releases planned for late September: – THE MYSTERY SCHOOL “The Mystery School” Cyn 016 New act from USA, original melt of folk and ambiant music, quite contemplative and charming by the softness of male and female voices. 13 tracks of wise music composed and played by Carlos Boll with the help of Matt […]

new Dark Vinyl releases

# BLACKHOUSE hope like a candle lim. LP Repressing of their cult rhythmic industrial album from 1984 , lim edition of 399 copies, pressed on HEAVY vinyl (220 g). # PHD2 resource CD file under: deep cinematic ambientThe new album by PHD2 offers six new dark ambient tracks for your nocturnal listening pleasure. Distant, floating […]

new Dive mcd

The new DIVE mcd “Lies in your eyes” will be released on Daft Records on the 20.09.02. Dirk Ivens presents 5 brandnew tracks in collaboration with Eric van Wonterghem. website

Karjalan Sissit

In August/September a new cd from Karjalan Sissit will be released through the Cold Meat label. It is the second album of Karjalan Sissit, after their pretty good self-titled debut on Cold Spring. website

Regard Extrême: Nova album

In September a new album album from the French neo-classical act Regard Extrême will come out. A year after the reissue of Résurgence, the new album “Nova” will be released by Cynfeirdd. It will offer you will “a new trip between darkness, hope, calm and vigour”. website

Defend the palace

Twenty-two bands from different countries have contributed to the new compilation “Defend the palace”. Released by the Italian label Palace of Worms, it pays homage to the Dark and Middle Ages. All tracks are previously unreleased . This is the ideal sequel to Storm the palace. With the following acts: Belborn, Regard Extrême, The Blue […]

New Forms live recordings

You can now listen to nice recordings of the recent New Forms festival in The Hague in Real Audio format.With concerts of Coil, Von Magnet, Biosphere, Hazard, Fennesz and Little Axe.

Coup de Grace

Later this year will see the release of an album of Coup de Grace, the old electronic music project of Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis). A retrospective CD (which has been planned for over a decade) will finally appear on the German label Eis + Licht. website


News from the French neo-folk band ORAISON: Their 1999 demo “Life+Death=Love=Burden” (originally released by OPN) has been re-released through VAWS (Germany). “Au commencement…” also features bonus material (two demo tracks from 1996 and two live tracks from the 2000 concert in Marseilles as support for Wakeford/Howden and Ostara).A 10″EP will follow sometimes this year on […]

new Toroidh vinyl releases

2 new limited edition vinyls by TOROIDH.205 Recordings proudly presents: Toroidh – Europe is dead LP / 300 copies The second part of the “European trilogy” by Toroidh unleashes a new side of the project. Adding more acoustic instrumentation and drums to the dark soundscapes gives this album a more mature and threatning atmosphere. (CD […]

A Challenge of Honour 7″

The second single (after Wappenbund) in the 7″ series of Eternal Soul will be by A Challenge of Honour. Out this summer on eternal-soul records.germanya challenge of honour – legio patria nostra 7″ featuring 3 new compositions:a. legio patria nostrab. le legionbb. la voie royale this ep will be released as a limited edition of […]

Wappenbund 7″

Wappenbund, the latest German industrial sensation, will release its first 7″ single release. It is available through the youg label and mailorder Eternal Soul, also known as an excellent informative website. There are three editions: A : Boxset with complete gasmask (Original box VM 40 from 1937) and various inserts lim.5 for 30,- EUR B […]

Z Prochek: new EBM band

On June 21st Synapse Music unleashes Z Prochek’s debut CD, ‘In My Mind’. The 7 track EP is tailor-made for the dance floor, with remixes from Epsilon Minus, Colony 5, and Pride & Fall. The music features hard hitting beats, powerful chorus and insightful lyrics. Hailing from northern Sweden, Johan and Martin met while in […]

new on Erebus Odora

LITHIVM (erebus.005)Dark ambient, mixed with industrial rythms, will be the next erebusodora release. Music made by Gustaf Hildebrand. The release will be as a “7 vinyl. MICROMAN Rinderbraten. (erebus.004)There was a enormous request for the Microman – Rinderbraten minidisc, so it will noew be re-released on LP in a few weeks. website

Storm Records is back

Storm Records is back. After a hiatus of some years, the label is again active with a number of releases to appear in coming months. These will appear via the German distributor Tesco. The first of these will be “Artifact,” a two-CD retrospective of the psychedelic industrial band FACTRIX (1979-1982). The first disc presents all […]

Magnus is keeping busy

Magnus Sundström is currently working on the next Protagonist EP Furthermore he is busy with a new song to be featured on CMI.100, a split 10″ with des Esseintes / Diskrepant and a remix for Run Level Zero. website

new Ah-Cama Sotz release

hands productions vertriebs informationprojekt: ah cama-sotz “La procesión de la sangre” “La procesión de la sangre” box format: cd / cd boxlabel: handsrelease date: 17. mai. 2002packaging: hands paper pack / boxkat.-nr.: hands d034 / hands b018 info: website

New industrial releases

Some new releases in the Trimail newsletter: – ORPHX – Ministry Of Detours– ANENZEPHALIA – Die Sender müssen schweigen– BLUTHARSCH – Fire Danger Season– SOMATIC RESPONSES – Touching The Void– VROMB – Mémoires Paramoléculaires– WILT – Radio 1940– m2 – The Bitter End– AUTOPSIA – Colonia– MUSLIMGAUZE – Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip– RAJNA – The […]

Turbund Sturmwerk re-release

Ten years after its first release will “Sturmgeweiht” by Turbund Sturmwerk be released again. It was originally only released on tape in an edition of 100, now it will be available to a wider audience. It is known as a masterpiece of percussive industrial with spoken-word collages. website

new Stoa album

Perhaps one of the most awaited releases: a new album by Stoa. Eight years after “Porta VIII” now a new album “Val” is announced. Apparently it is already released in Mexico. In July it will be out in Europe, through the label Alice in… Composer Olaf Parusel has found two new female bandmembers: singer Antje […]