Death in June spring tour

DEATH IN JUNE / BOYD RICE / NON SPRING SURPRISE TOUR 10.04. Brest (F), Club: Le Passe Muraillek, 10 Route de Brest, 29260 LE FOLGOET 12.04. Lissabon (P), Sociedade Uniao Sintrense, Rua Maria Eugenia Reis Ferreira Navarro 7, Sintra 14.04. Barcelona (E), Info/Contact 17.04. Bordeaux (F), Koslow, Rue Achard 35/37, 3330 Bordeaux 19.04. Milano […]

in memory of Frank Tovey…

It is with great regret that Mute announces the news that Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget died on Wednesday 3rd April 2002 at his home in London of heart failure. Frank had suffered from heart problems since his childhood. Frank Tovey will be best remembered as one of the Electronic pioneers who, alongside Human League, […]

Ordo R. Equilbrio and related

Upcoming releases – April/May Archon Satani – DCD – Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken. The final and closing chapter of Archon Satani. An archival collection of lost and forsaken recordings from between the years 1990 – 1993. Released by Cold Meat Industry. Available through CMI and/or Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Victoria – 7″The second coming of […]

news from Dive

Dirk Ivens already performed some new tracks from an upcoming Dive album at ‘t Kuipke in Gent. As one of the encores, he played a coverversion of Boys And Girls by The Human League. website

Vomito Negro

VOMITO NEGRO is no more,they splitted after finishing there last en probably best album ever made .Al concerts are canceled and the new album is blokked.greetings,qorkus berlin. comment from the webmaster:Due to circumstances Vomito Negro will not be able to do any concerts this year. This also affects the upcoming Bal Fatal Fest. The ‘official’ […]

Soil Bleeds Black project on Discovery

15 Delights of Dionysus, the experimental side-project of The Soil Bleeds Black, will have their music on a Discovery Channel documentary airing this week. The documentary is called “Alien Abduction: The Mystery Unraveled.” Excerpts from the most recent 15 Delights of Dionysus release, “The Nightmare Muzeum” will be featured. For more information and dates/times:Alien Abduction: […]

Death In June + NON in Belgium !

Side-Line presents: Death In June + NON in Belgium !After the cosy neo-folk / tribal dance night yesterday evening with Sieben, Pilori, This Morn’ Omina and Empusae, EuroRock presents another neo-folk event. This time Euro-Rock brings you (in collaboration with The Steeple) Death In June for an exclusive Belgian show in The Steeple in Waregem […]

ITN remix album

Cause + Effect is the title of the forthcoming IN THE NURSERY remix album. It will be released on the 26th of April. This unique collection features exclusive contributions and special commissions from a wide range of artists including Faith & The Muse, And Also The Trees, Chandeen, Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Flesh Field, Seize & […]

Lilac Ambush releases 2nd EP

Lilac Ambush releases new darkwave EP. Visit for more information. Hear some of the tracks by this Legends Magazine/IPM Radio band of the week (3/08/02) for free at: website

Götterdämmerung re-release

The debut album of the Dutch formation Götterdämmerung ‘a body and birthmark’ (dion fortune, 1996) has been re-released on The Nature of Gothic label. It was an expected move after their positive return with ‘morphia’ (the nature of gothic, 2001) It was their ‘second coming’ and it got raving reviews in the gothic press. Their […]

Sorrow/Neither/Neither World

Robert Lee of Sorrow and Wendy van Dusen of Neither/Neither World will be performing their new project on 22nd March 2002 at Club Deviation in San Jose, USA. They are appearing with Neither/Neither World. The club is located at 152 Post Street, downtown San Jose. Details of the show can be found at: website

Live bootleg for Death In June

“KAPO! – Only Europa Knows” is finally back available. This CD is a sort of Bootleg, but officially authorized by Death in June. Recorded live in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium on 21st of December 1996 during Death in June’s Tour for the album “KAPO”, the release holds 17 tracks, such as “Only Europa Knows”, “Rose Clouds of […]

Harvest Rain

OPN announces the release of HARVEST RAIN’s debut MCD “A frost comes with the wind” at the end of this month.Five superb songs from the swamplands of South Carolina that summon the ancestral ghosts gathering around the Southern Cross. Features Matt Howden (SOL INVICTUS, SIEBEN) as guest on violin. Comes with A5 booklet (pictures and […]


ORAISON will have their 1999 demo “Life+Death=Love=Burden” re-released through VAWS (Germany) in April 2002. “Au commencement…” will also feature bonus material (two demo tracks from 1996 and two live tracks from the 2000 concert in Marseilles with Wakeford/Howden and Ostara). A 10″EP will follow sometime this year on OPN. website

Cynfeirdd new release: Wolfskin

WOLFSKIN Tornar O Sangue Sagrado Brand new album by this Karnnos side project. Chthonic forces, possessed spirits, landmother cries, a journey into blood and sacred. Limited edition of 487 copies, as 406 copies in deluxe booklike digipack with booklet, and also available in handmade leather packaging limited edition of 80 (40 from Cynfeirdd, 40 from […]

A Challenge of Honour

New/upcoming releases from A Challenge of Honour: “Only Stones Remain”The re-release of the debut album by Divine Comedy scheduled on the 21st of march. Divine Comedy records will be attending at the “Independent music and art festival” in St.Niklaas/belgium on the 6th of April…more Info! “Angelic Torment”The first part of the triology concerning the madness […]

Sonar remixes Von Magnet project

Sonar has finished a remix for Mimetic, a Von Magnet sideproject. The remix is to be released soon. Meanwhile Dirk Ivens has performed some new tracks from an upcoming Dive album at ‘t Kuipke in Gent. As one of the encores, he played a coverversion of “Boys And Girls” by The Human League. Let us […]

Seven Pines

Seven Pines (with Karl Blake on bass!) will play live on the 23rd of March in Binche (a very nice little medieval town in Belgium, between Mons and Charleroi) at the “Cabaret Voltaire”, 35 rue St Jacques.For more info, please contact Altra Musica by or by phone: (0032) (0) 64 340 470. website

Sophia / Ordo news

Sophia, will release a mini-cd in March-02, on CMI. Seduction of Madness” contains three new songs. The 3 songs on this Mcd were especially written last year for a live performance.This performance was suppossed to be filmed and released as a DVD on CMI. This never happened though, due to many reasons. Instead the songs […]

Death In June frontman briefly joins online discussion list

Death In June’s Douglas P. has made a remarkable appearance at the Death In June discussionlist for the past three days. Side-Line took the opportunity to ask Douglas why he suddenly wanted to communicate with the fans. In his answer Dougla P. said: “I can’t normally be reached via email and in a couple of […]