A tribute to Sol Invictus

A tribute to Sol Invictus“Sol Lucet Omnibus” is the title of the 2CD tribute album to Sol Invictus to be released on April 8th. Packaged in a 6 pages digifile packaging, the 2CD holds 24 bands giving their interpretations of Sol Invictus / Tony Wakeford songs. All tracks have been exclusively recorded for this special […]

New This Morn’ Omina album available at Side-Line

“7 years of Famine” is the brand new (4th) release by the Belgian dark tribal rhythmical dance act This Morn’ Omina, this time on the American Live Bait label. After they ended the Hegira Trilogy, the album comes as a teaser for the upcoming Nyan Trilogy. This release is limited to 500 copies and comes […]

Sieben / Von Magnet live at work in Belgium

Von Magnet and Sieben will be giving exclusive live performances in Antwerp at the Schouwburg. Sieben on March 24th (togther with Pilori, Empusae and This Morn’ Omina), and Von Magnet on May 24th! Tickets are only 13 euro and can be ordered via Euro-Rock and FNAC, be quick! website

Ostara: line-up change

Richard Leviathan and Timothy Jenn will no longer work together in the English neofolk group Ostara. Fortunately Richard Leviathan will continue the band. The breach of the members will not affect the upcoming new album ‘Kingdom Gone’. Ostara will not play at the ‘Götterdämmerung IV’ festival though. In the summer Richard will have formed a […]

C93 / NWW limited edition

Current Ninety Three and Nurse With Wound are issuing a 2CD set to coincide with the exhibition of artwork by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet at the Horse Hospital gallery in London. Limited to 1000 copies, on the PanDurtro label, it is presently available only from Durtro. Each group has contributed an album of newly […]

Butterfly Messiah’s debut released…

Butterfly Messiah’s full lenth album, consisting of 9 lush, otherworldly compositions, entitled Priestess will be distributed March 2002; an offering of new up and coming label Fossil Dungeon. Aside from the music, the artwork and packaging is special – award winning photography, full booklet with lyrics and graphics layout and design by talented Michael Riddick […]

new Negru Voda single

A new 7″ single from Negru Voda, “From Liquid Steel to Frozen Metal” will be out soon.You can get a preview through mp3-fragments of two tracks: ‘Under the Ice’ and ‘The Ghost at Leftwood Lake’. website

new Lux Interna album

A year after their debut the first full-length cd of this American dark folk band will be released by Eis & Licht.. website

new HauRucK! vinyl

some information from the HauRucK! vinyl departement: March 25th we will have the following released: HR! 27 Reutoff – The forth face 10″HR! 29 Sorgeist – Les roses du matin 7″HR! 30 Derniere Volonte/Novy Svet – 7″ (sold out!)HR! 31 Novy Svet/Foreste di Ferro – dbl 7″ website

Sally Doherty: new album

Sally Doherty and the Sumacs – Black is the Colour (TIG 004CD) In this, her fifth album, Sally Doherty explores some traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain and Mexico; as well as her own compositions that fit beautifully with the traditional compositions contained herein. Doherty has interpreted the folk songs in different ways depending […]

new Sol Invictus album

Sol Invictus – Thrones CD (TURSA 029CD) Matt Howden, Sally Doherty, Karl Blake, Eric Roger and René Rosen join Tony Wakeford in what is in many ways a continuation of the path started with ‘The Hill of Crosses’. The toe is dipped a little further into the bathwater of warped jazz and those with a […]

new Reutoff EP

The new EP from Reutoff, called Fourth Face, is scheduled for March on Hau Ruck! The edition will contain 4 brand new tracks and will be limited edition 10″ vinyl. Details are below. Reutoff The Fourth Face Hau Ruck! HR27 10″ EP, limited edition Tracklisting: 1. Oranus 2. Urahn 3. Strafe 4. Epitaph Total length […]

Italian Music Scene

Diego Loporcaro of UNITED FORCES OF TECHNOLOGY management of Italian electronic bands and music journalist: “I think that Italian electronic music scene is worth of interest by listeners of the whole world. The most famous Italian electro band is KIRLIAN CAMERA active since 1980.

posthumous Adrian Borland album

ADRIAN BORLAND – HARMONY & DESTRUCTION RELEASE DATE: 25-03-2002 LABEL: Red Sun Records Adrian Borland died on the 26th April 1999. At the time of his death he was recording a new album at The Premises with Wally Brill as engineer and co-producer. Adrian had considered Harmony and Destruction as the title for this album […]

new Ataraxia album

Ataraxia – Mon Seul Désir Tracklisting:Alsicon Jarem Gitti Eaudelamer Sendero En Lago Verde A L’Aube Mundus Est Jocundum A new album filled with atmospheric passionated songs, among them a revisited Turkish mediaeval love song, an enveloping classic guitar solo, a water-drop dreamy tune, a luscious ballad and a typically ATARAXIA piano poem. The imagery and […]

New album from Collection d’Arnell Andrea

A new LP by the French band Collection d’Arnell Andrea called Tristesse des Mânes is ready to be released by Prokosnovénie. It was expected by the end of 2001, but it is delayed until March… website

Reutoff: new website

From now, everyone who is interested in Reutoff activities has the reliable official source of information. News, photo galleries, discography, mp3-samples from this excellent Russian dark ambient act and many other stuff is available for you now. website

new Arcana single

The new single with Arcana is finished. It is going to be under the name “Body of Sin”, and of course released on CMI. It will be available as a cd-single and a picture 7″, both with the same tracklisting. website

Exhibition David Tibet & Steven Stapleton

Presented by The Chamber Of Pop Culture. April 8th-May 4thExhibition runs 12-6 daily, Monday to Saturday The Chamber Of Pop Culture is proud to present the world premiere exhibition of the artworks of David Tibet and Steven Stapleton. Forging a mutual artistic bond in 1983 lasting to the present day, Tibet and Stapleton create coherent […]

Blutharsch compilation album

Just after the release of ‘When all else fails!’ a new Blutharsch album is announced. It will be entitled ‘Fire Danger Season’ and it will contain all tracks recorded for various compilations through the last 5 years of the project existence. The first edition will come with a bonus CD including remixes or cover versions […]