Warsaw Village Band and Saint Nicholas Orchestra

12 December 2004 RASA, Utrecht

Antony and Cocorosie

Antony and the Johnsons Cocorosie 21 November 2004 Paradiso, Amsterdam

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 23 November 2004 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

Interpol – background, live, album

In this extensive article you can read: – background information about Interpol; – live report (Melkweg, Amsterdam – 23 September 2004); – a review of the latest Interpol album ‘Antics’.

Fiel Garvie, Bearsuit and Magoo

12 October 2004 / Ekko, Utrecht Every city has its music scene, small or big. And every scene has its ups and downs. Apparently the musical climate of Norwich is blossoming at the moment. Three indiebands from that English city played together in Utrecht: Fiel Garvie, Bearsuit and Magoo.

A Night of Confusion

28 September 2004 / LVC, Leiden (NL) Volksweerbaarheid Novo Homo Predella Avant Der Blutharsch

Summer Darkness 2004

various locations, Utrecht (NL) The canals in my hometown Utrecht looked somewhat darker than usual. The reason was the second edition of the Summer Darkness festival. During three days concerts were held in Tivoli, De Helling, Ekko and even in the Jans Church, with many bands that seldomly play in the Netherlands. About 3000 visitors […]

Amplexus festival

Jam Club, Venice (It) / 15 May 2004 “Una notte di danze dalla monarchia del Danubio” with Allerseelen, Scivias, Cawatana, Sturmpercht

Folk Noir

Koornbeurs, Delft (Netherlands) / 27-2-2004 Sonne Hagal & Sieben

Underground Frequencies

P60, Amstelveen (NL) / 24-1-2004 Desiderii Marginis, Predella Avant & The Protagonist

Belgian Independent Music Festival 2003

Hof ter Lo, Antwerp (Belgium) / 27 December 2003 The Klinik, Insekt, Snowy Red and more…

Elf Fantasy in Concert

Laurenskerk, Rotterdam (NL) / Saturday 22 November 2003 Omnia, Schelmish, We-Nun Henk

Qntal, Chamber & Novalis

Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL) / 13 November 2003

Mithras Garden

Suppkultur, Koblenz (Germany) / 15 November 2003 Aeldaborn, Sieben, Hekate, Howden/Wakeford


Studio Desmet , Amsterdam / 25 October 2003

Sisters of Mercy

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam / 30 March 2003 Smoke and Mirrors tour

Hau Ruck! Festival

Monastery, Vienna (Austria) / 31 October – 2 November 2002 B.O.T.I.S., Novy Svet, Tribe of Circle, Dernière Volonté & more

Current 93

‘under Soft Black Stars’ St. Olave’s Church, London (UK) / 6 april 2002 + Antony and the Johnson, Backworld & Sorrow

Darkfolk Festival

Magnifiosi, Lisse (Netherlands) / Sunday 13 October 2002 Volksweerbaarheid, Ostara & Of the Wand and the Moon

Konzert – Sommernacht

Schloss Mansfeld, Germany / Saturday 20 July 2002 Sonne Hagal, Forseti, Argine Organisation: Ars Auditionis