Reviews: folk

(neo-folk / military pop / ritual / dark apocalyptic folk)

Darkwood – Notwendfeuer

At a time when authentic neo-folk seems more dead than alive Darkwood comes up with a new and very strong album, entitled ‘Notwendfeuer’. This record is without a doubt the best the project has released so far. It is a very typical German neo-folk album but despite that one that is all but disappointing.

Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum – Barco do Vinho

Lately I began to fear for Allerseelen-fatigue. In recent times I saw various concerts of the Austrian project and heard many new (re)releases. Not that I have any complaints about the average quality that Gerhard produces, it’s more the quantity which I find difficult to keep up with. This new release looked promising though. Not […]

Sturmpercht – Geister im Waldgebirg

What I knew of Sturmpercht, through several compilations tracks, the LP Stürm Ins Leben Wild Hinein! and a concert a few years ago, was very entertaining. I had some doubts though about how serious the Austrian folkloristic project should be taken. Their ‘Alpine pagan’ music may be nice for a few limited singles, but for an album […]

Division S – Something to drink 4

Division S is a strange but very interesting project. There is no real way to put a genre name to this music. Also the sound is everytime evolving and developing. The more typical post-industrial and neo-folk sound has been growing into a weird dada-istic extra-vaganza.

Rome – Nera

The Berlin EP was a very nice introduction to this new talent on Cold Meat Industry. This full lenght debut cd is nothing less then an impressive piece of work. In general the atmosphere is less post-industrial and martial inspired. I even want to claim this is a in a way very much a (dark) […]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Apocalips

In a way you know what to expect from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and indeed this new album Apocalips holds no suprises for people familiar with the band. It is all there: military rhythms, soothing anthems, erotic content and the deep spoken vocals. But, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio has delivered a good new album which is a worthy addition […]

Neun Welten – Vergessene Pfade

After a mini cd in 2004 and various performances, Neun Welten felt confident enough to release a full cd on Auerbach. The young German band has created an album inspired by Edda and other Nordic myths, with 10 songs that can be described a bit disrespectful as campfire folk music.

Rome – Berlin

Rome is a new star in the Cold Meat firmament. The EP Berlin is the official debut of this project by Jérôme Reuter, who does not come from Rome or Berlin, but from Luxembourg. It contains six tracks with a convincing apocalyptic atmosphere.

In Gowan Ring – The Twin Trees

The Twin Trees was the second album of In Gowan Ring, released by World Serpent in 1997. Of course it was long out of print, and it has now been reissued by Shayo. It contains one extra track, ‘Still water bonne’, previously available on the ‘Terra Serpentes’ sampler. I’m happy with this release, since I regard The […]

V/A – Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006

Last year Steinklang Industries from Austria managed to cram their artists on a single compilation cd, on their latest label sampler they expanded to a double cd. Like the title betrays, Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006 includes tracks from Steinklang records released in 2005 and 2006.

Sangre Cavallum – Pátria Granítica

Two years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the debut cd of Sangre Cavallum on Storm Records. Now the band from Portugal returns with a follow-up on Ahnstern/Steinklang Records. Compared to their debut, “Patria Granítica” sounds much more homogeneous, with a more even level of quality. On the rich sounding album, a varied collection of […]

Spiritual Front – Armageddon Gigolo

This is the fourth album by Spiritual Front, if you count the collaboration with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. “Armageddon Gigolo” breathes maturity in every aspect. Convincing songs, a professional sounding band with a full production, an elaborate digipack with creative artwork. Like before, Simone Salvatori tread the borders of folk, pop, rock, traditional Italian music and […]

Woven Hand – Mosaic

Now 16 Horsepower is no longer active, Eugene David Edwards can focus all his creative energy on (the darker and more experimental) Woven Hand. Mosaic is the follow-up to Consider the Birds (2004). The album contains 12 songs and displays again a varied mixture of folkloristic music and religious themes.

Sub Luna – In the shade of time

For their second release, Dagaz Music from Portugal has spotted some new talent in the northern spheres of Eskilstuna, Sweden. Sub Luna is a duo consisting of Mikael Lindblom and Frederik Sööberg. “In the Shade of time” is their debut.

Nebelung – Reigen

Nebelung is back with a new release. After their debut mcd ‘mistelteinn’ on Eis & Licht, the German neo-folk group now presents two new tracks on a vinyl single.

Ianva – Disobbedisco!

Ianva is a relatively new band, but you wouldn’t say so when you experience this debut album. On “Disobeddisco” the group digs deep into Italian cultural and musical history to create a colourful patchwork with a nostalgic and decadent atmosphere.

Alex Fergusson – The Castle

Alex Fergusson, of Alternative TV and Psychic TV fame, returns after a few years with a new solo album. “The Castle” contains 12 songs between folk and rock with an often nostalgic sound, yet timeless charm.

Naevus / Spiritual Front – Bedtime / Badtime

Spiritual Front from Italy and Naevus from England join each other on this colourful grotesque 10″ picture disc. Each band contributes three unreleased tracks. A record filled with neo pop`n`folk sounds, as the record label describes it.

Kathleen Baird – Lullaby For Strangers

This cd came as a big surprise to me. I had never heard of the musician nor the label. Kathleen Baird previously performed under the name Travelling Bell and she is also a member of Spires That In The Sunset Rise. This new album is a piece of beautiful weird dark folk music.

Simon Finn – Subjunctive Mood

The story of the miraculous come-back of Simon Finn may be known by now. He started performing in the London folk scene of the late 60’s. Finn threatened to disappear into obscurity, untill he got in touch with David Tibet of Current 93 a few years ago.