Reviews: folk

(neo-folk / military pop / ritual / dark apocalyptic folk)

Spiritual Front – Nihilist EP

Spiritual Front is the band around the flamboyant singer Simone Salvatori, whose music is sometimes described as ‘suicide pop’. Before the last album “Satyriasis”, Spiritual Front has released some limited vinyl singles, like this 5-track 10″.

Allerseelen – Edelweiss

The friendly priced Edelweiss is probably intended as an introduction to those who do not know the work of Allerseelen well. It gathers 16 ‘industrial folklore’ tracks recorded in the past five years. But also faithful Allerseelen fans might be tempted to obtain this cd.

Joolie Wood – Tales of Colour and White

The name of Joolie Wood will perhaps mostly ring a bell to people who followed David Tibet’s Current 93 a bit. Wood,also contributed her services to various other artists. Now she is working on a solo career, of which this EP is the first tangible result.

Stone Breath – The Silver Skein Unwound

The spectral, rural sounds of banjo, dulcimer, harmonium, and acoustic guitar, that are the heartbeat of the music feel more timeless than avant-garde. However, these instruments are combined with decidedly experimental elements.

V/A – Europa Aeterna

Two members of the Heimdallr webzine crew started the label Autre Que. After a single by Ô Paradis, they now released a compilation with some interesting names from the dark folk scene.

Seelenthron – Heimkehr

This debut album by Seelenthron sounds familiar upon first listening. Which is not so strange, since this German project has two former members of Dies Natalis.

:Golgotha: – Icarus EP

:Golgotha: first came to my attention with the ambient cd-r “Waste Land’. On this Icarus e.p. the German project shows to be interested in a wider musical spectrum with some neofolk songs.

Werkraum – Kristalle

After the debut album Unsere Feuer brennen I was curious what direction Werkraum would head for. Well, the project around Axel Frank has surprised me in a positive manner with more traditional folk sound.

Vequinox – Planetary Harmony

Vequinox is a duo from the USA. There are folk elements on their debut album, but also hints of medieval, world, darkwave and other styles.

Orplid -­ Sterbender Satyr

Since many years Orplid is a steady force in the neo-folk scene. The band has been evolving ever since their first release. This new album, Sterbender Satyr, is another step in their evolution.

Decadence -­ Where do broken hearts go?

This neo-classical / neo-folk band has already built a name for themselves. Where do broken hearts go? is their debut on Cold Meat Industry.

Shadegrown – Under the banner of emptiness

A self-released cd-r by a one-man project from Sint-Petersburg. It contains 40 minutes of neo-folkish music.

Barrel Harbor – Songs of Illness and Bad Luck

Songs of Illness and Bad Luck by the outfit Barrel Harbor falls undeniably under the moniker of Americana. However, one will be hard-pressed to find any dreamy-eyed patriotic sentimentalism here.

Corde Oblique -­ Respiri

Corde Oblique is the new project by the guitar player of Lupercalia. He is assisted by other musicians, like from the bands Argine and Ashram. In a fresh way this record combines a sort of gypsy folk sound with ethereal elements.

Tenhi -­ Maaäet

Is it folk? That is one thing you might ask yourself after listening to this record. Tenhi plays progressive rock with folk influences.

Wermut – Anna

You never know what to expect from Wermut. The duo Laszlo and Sofia do what they want, and when they want. Thus Anna is very different from their Hoffnung 10”.

V/A – Eisiges Licht 2

For the second time Eis & Licht has compiled an album which gives a representative overview of their productions. The cd in an elegant ‘digifile’ contains 14 bands active in the field of ‘dark pop and folk’.

Vashti Bunyan – Lookaftering

It’s a special story: a folk singer who released only one album in the late 60’s, discovers that almost thirty years later people are still interested in her record, which she thought was completely forgotten. This did not only lead to a reissue of ‘Just Another Diamond Day’ in 2004, but also encouraged Vashti Bunyan to start recording again.

Volksweerbaarheid – Van Kogels, Drank en Wrakhout

The Dutch guys of Volksweerbaarheid came only selectively into the open in the couple of years they now exist. After a live cd-r, a 10″ record on Hau Ruck! and sporadic live performances, they now return with a 7″ single.

Of The Wand and the Moon – Sonnenheim

After teasing the audience with a single (Hail hail hail) and a reissue (Midnight Will), Of The Wand and the Moon is back with a long awaited fourth album.