Medusa’s Spell – Mercurian Behaviour

Mercurian Behaviour is not just an ambient album. Medusa’s Spell plays music that is like a blending of ambient and ethereal pop.

MZ.412 – Infernal Affairs

MZ.412 doesn’t need no introduction. This project is for years known as the originator of black industrial: a mixture of industrial and black arts inspired sounds and content, as often found in black metal.

Division S – Something to drink 4

Division S is a strange but very interesting project. There is no real way to put a genre name to this music. Also the sound is everytime evolving and developing. The more typical post-industrial and neo-folk sound has been growing into a weird dada-istic extra-vaganza.

Letum – Broken

Broken is the second album by Letum. As before you are served dark ambient sounds with a very spatial feeling. Orchestral beauty and gloomy moods are passing over like clouds and spilled out over you as waves.

Rome – Nera

The Berlin EP was a very nice introduction to this new talent on Cold Meat Industry. This full lenght debut cd is nothing less then an impressive piece of work. In general the atmosphere is less post-industrial and martial inspired. I even want to claim this is a in a way very much a (dark) […]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Apocalips

In a way you know what to expect from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and indeed this new album Apocalips holds no suprises for people familiar with the band. It is all there: military rhythms, soothing anthems, erotic content and the deep spoken vocals. But, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio has delivered a good new album which is a worthy addition […]

Neun Welten – Vergessene Pfade

After a mini cd in 2004 and various performances, Neun Welten felt confident enough to release a full cd on Auerbach. The young German band has created an album inspired by Edda and other Nordic myths, with 10 songs that can be described a bit disrespectful as campfire folk music.

Parca Pace – Raumspannung

Parce Pace is one of the manifestations of the the Crescens Collective, and in particular it’s a solo creation of Jan Carleklev. Just as I’m used to from related projects like Sanctum and Mago, Raumspannung is a very well produced album.

Rome – Berlin

Rome is a new star in the Cold Meat firmament. The EP Berlin is the official debut of this project by Jérôme Reuter, who does not come from Rome or Berlin, but from Luxembourg. It contains six tracks with a convincing apocalyptic atmosphere.

Dernière Volonté – Devant Le Miroir

After a first superficial listen to this cd, I thought ‘Hmm, I’ve heard this before’. One day later I noticed myself humming and tapping along. These new songs by Geoffrey D.’s project are just too attractive to resist. Again Dernière Volonté has delivered a fine album full of catchy ‘military pop’.

Flint Glass – Nyarlathotep

This release is impressive at first sight: a luxurious fold-out digipack with great artwork and a cd crammed with music. Nyarlathotep takes you deep into the bowels of the earth and is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Sleep Museum – Street

Bloodlust! is an US based industrial label. Sleep Museum is possibly an unusual artist for the label but this 7” is more then interesting nonetheless. The sound and style is in the tradition of early Death In June and minimal projects as Echo West and November Növelet.

Charlotte’s Shadow – Hush

You may read in Charlotte’s Shadow biography that they’re inspired by the early Gothic scene and that their main ideas come from the concepts of melancholy, despair and romanticism. Surely so, one may find all these elements in their recent publishing “Hush”.

Dr. C. Stein – Echo Trip

Even though the name Dr. C. Stein might not ring a bell for everyone, this musician was part of the legendary Dutch 80’s minimal electronics outfits Ende Shneafliet and Doxa Sinistra. As a solo musician he was somewhat less experimental but not less interesting.

ICK – Les Actions Rétro-Actives

ICK is the radical French nihiltronix project that is known from its release on Hau Ruck! and other labels. This new LP shows that the project is moving more and more from old style industrial to traditional minimal electronics territory.

Ich Bin – Obéis!

Ich Bin was an electronic body music / electro project from Corsica during the 1990’s. They released their music on tape and later on cd-r through the PNEU label. Now their first tape is re-issued on vinyl for them first time.

Sleep Museum – Dream Of Waking

Sleep Museum from Brooklyn, New York, is getting more and more exposure lately. Dreams Of Waking is his debut album. With his side project After The Snow the musician was also present on Electronic Renaissance from Enfant Terrible. More of his work is planned to be released both under the Sleep Museum as the After The Snow […]

Noblesse Oblige – Privilege Entails Responsibility

I am not a fan of electroclash but Noblesse Oblige delivers a fine album with music, which could be called post-electroclash or electrotrash if you like.

Autunna et sa Rose – L’Art et la Mort

A lot of attention has been paid to the packaging of this record. The cd comes in a full color glossy booklet with extensive information on the music. Musically you could describe this release as chamber music or classic gothic inspired theatre music.

Dustmuffin & The Aluminum Cans – Essential Recordings 1984-2001

Vague and unclassified are fitting descriptions for the music of Dustmuffin & The Aluminum Cans. This US based loose collective uses any sound they like to produce their weird anti-pop music and neo cabaret electroclash. Nineteen tracks is a lot to go through and Dustmuffin is not making it easy for you.