Teatro Satanico / Muzakiller – Untitled

This mysterious duo from Venice is also known sometimes as ‘Teatro Satanico Charles Manson’. They have produced a lot of obscure and limited releases on tape, vinyl and cd-r since the early 90’s, including collaborations with Novy Svet. This untitled album (their first ‘real’ cd) is limited to 666 copies and includes a satanic tale […]

Red Emprez – Clubgirls & Poofs

Red Emprez is a duo formed in 2004 so they’re not quite new kids on the electro block; on the contrary, so far they’ve managed to enchant the audience in Poland quite successfully. If I was to describe the band and their so-far artistic output in one sentence it would be “it’s where the 80s […]

MonsterGod – Newborn Monster

The duo MonsterGod is a newbie on the music market though the musicians themselves have their Freshman Friday far behind them. Both artists – Smola and Schnitter – performed in other Polish projects in the past – the former in The Egoist, the latter in TRH – so their experience is definitely of use in […]

V/A – Swarm

A few years after the compilation “Chamber”, UK’s Cold Spring Records now comes with a new label sampler. Swarm gathers 22 artist who released or will release material on Cold Spring. And the good news is that all tracks were recorded specifically for this collection.

V/A – Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006

Last year Steinklang Industries from Austria managed to cram their artists on a single compilation cd, on their latest label sampler they expanded to a double cd. Like the title betrays, Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006 includes tracks from Steinklang records released in 2005 and 2006.

Othila – Continents

Othila from France left a good impression on me with their previous releases on Divine Comedy Records. Three years after their 10? Yula, they’re back with a new album. Continents comes in an elegant thin digipack, with lovely photos of mysterious nature, as before an important theme in their ritual ambient music.

El Aviador Dro – Eléctrico!

No less than 18 tracks of the Spanish cult band were gathered for this low-budget compilation for the American market. “¡Eléctrico!” contains songs created by El Aviador Dro in the last 25 years, with their typical mixture of synthpop, minimal electro and new wave, combined with Spanish lyrics. ‘La Chica De Plexiglas’ has been omitted, […]

Sangre Cavallum – Pátria Granítica

Two years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the debut cd of Sangre Cavallum on Storm Records. Now the band from Portugal returns with a follow-up on Ahnstern/Steinklang Records. Compared to their debut, “Patria Granítica” sounds much more homogeneous, with a more even level of quality. On the rich sounding album, a varied collection of […]

Fir§t Law – Chaos Structure

First Law is the project of Andreas Wahnmann, a dark ambient producer from Germany. Well, if you compare him to other Loki acts like Inade and Herbst9, then Fir§t Law definitely sounds less ‘ambient’. His mainly electronic music is too melodic and dynamic for that. Influences from krautrock, psychedelica and symphonic music also seem to […]

Spiritual Front – Armageddon Gigolo

This is the fourth album by Spiritual Front, if you count the collaboration with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. “Armageddon Gigolo” breathes maturity in every aspect. Convincing songs, a professional sounding band with a full production, an elaborate digipack with creative artwork. Like before, Simone Salvatori tread the borders of folk, pop, rock, traditional Italian music and […]

Woven Hand – Mosaic

Now 16 Horsepower is no longer active, Eugene David Edwards can focus all his creative energy on (the darker and more experimental) Woven Hand. Mosaic is the follow-up to Consider the Birds (2004). The album contains 12 songs and displays again a varied mixture of folkloristic music and religious themes.

Implant – Fading Away

The Belgian act Implant is one of those acts that is hard to define if you want to put them into a niche like EBM, electroclash, electro, industrial or any of those. Implant just is Implant and brings a lot of varied music. Before releasing their seventh album, the crowd is pleased with this EP […]

Merzbow & John Wiese – Multiplication

Even when it comes to the likes of Merzbow and John Wiese, the prolific noisegods whose creations often transcends those of mere mortals, it usually takes the right frame of mind to jump right into noise music, especially when it’s extreme. There’s not much time for that on ‘Multiplication’- the opening track “Bonanza” hits fast […]

Dystronic – Rude Tunes

The third 12” by Dystronic on the Kommando 6 label is a continuation of his typical style and sound. Rude Tunes features four tracks of raw punk influenced and elektro related music.

Various Artists – Dark Shots: 5th anniversary of Kommando 6

To celebrate the five year existence of the German Kommando 6 label specialized in dark elektro music, Simulacron magazine / network released this DVD. The disc features ten video clips made by / with / for Kommando 6 artists. Both new and already released tracks are visualized. Next to the video clips there are two […]

V/A – Six Doors: a Housepig Compilation

‘Six Doors’ is a great idea from the Housepig label. Housepig is based in Minneapolis, MN, and focuses on ambient and noise. This compilation holds six top notch acts from the U.S. and Japan: Unicorn; Aube; Bastard Noise; Luasa Raelon; Guilty Connector & Tabata; and Oblong Box. Each shows a different approach to experimental electronics, […]

The Phantom Limbs – Random Hyms

Most of the work of The Phantom Limbs is not very accessible. This 12” might therefore come as a pleasant surprise. This release is relatively easy to digest in comparison with the other releases.

Im Namen Des Volkes – Weisses Rauschen

Im Namen Des Volkes is the legendary early NDW / minimal electronics project by Matthias Schuster. He released one 7”, with three tracks on it, in 1979. Four more tracks from that same period were recently discovered. These tracks are featured on this limited 7” (only 300 copies were made).

V/A – Tête de Bébé

Strange to find a Belgian and French artists compilation on a US based label. Tête de Bébé is filled with the new wave of crazy and weird (post) punk / new wave acts that come from Belgium and France recently.

Frustration – Full Of Sorrow

Frustration from France are slowly but steadily building a name for themselves in the post-punk scene. Their music is a raw and intense mix of cheap electronics and rough guitars with screamed vocals on top.