Inure – Subversive

Inure has a new member, Sam P. of Imperative Reaction fame joined the act. This is their second cd, their first as a trio. What does this do to their music? Well, it is somewhat straighter in the face now.

Klingelton 17 – S/T

Klingelton 17 is one of the obscure 80’s DDR bands in the field of NDW / minimal music. This 7” was pressed in the 90’s but never really distributed and sold. NLW discovered this record and now made them available after all these years. Only 150 copies were pressed so it is a true collector’s […]

Punk Soul Loving Bill – Industrie

Like Sonnenbrandt, this German band with the weird name Punk Soul Loving Bill, plays ‘Neo Deutsche Welle music’. Their sound is less elektro pop orientated and slightly more rock influenced.

Echo West – In pop we trust

The title of the album is chosen very well. After the more industrial/gothic influenced album ‘Echoes Of The West’ this new cd features tracks with hints at different pop music styles.

Android Lust – Devour, rise, and take flight

The second album on Projekt from Android Lust aka Shikhee. An album full of emotion, with tracks that vary a lot, but which have a root in industrial music and are mostly defined by Shikhee’s special, beautiful voice.

Dive vs. Diskonnekted – Frozen

Dirk Ivens is of the main personae in the Belgian electronic music scene. The Klinik, Dive and Sonar are his best known projects. Not as well-known yet is Jan Dewulf, but his project Diskonnekted got Dirk Ivens interested to collaborate.

Orange Sector – Für Immer Kalt Wie Stahl

Orange Sector is one of the old time EBM bands. They split up long time ago, but also came back together in 20004. Their previous two releases didn’t fully convince me. But now there is this EP and the story is really different.

Goatvargr – S/T

Goatvargr is what you get when you mix Swedish Henrik Nordvargr Björkk with American Andy O’Sullivan (a.k.a Goat). Goatvargr adds to Nordvargr’s long list of collaborations across noise-industrial boundaries.

Zombie Girl – Back from the Dead

Zombie Girl is a new project bij Sebastian R. Komor, of Icon Of Coil and Muscle And Hate fame. For this project he collaborates with his wife Renee Cooper-Komor. This EP however is their first and only release so far.

:Golgatha: – Kydos – Reflections On Heroism

The first official full-length cd of :Golgotha: is devoted to war and more particular heroism in various forms. From the Japanse kamikaze units of 1945 to the harmony of pen and sword of Mishima to the honourable death on the battlefield in ancient times.

Sub Luna – In the shade of time

For their second release, Dagaz Music from Portugal has spotted some new talent in the northern spheres of Eskilstuna, Sweden. Sub Luna is a duo consisting of Mikael Lindblom and Frederik Sööberg. “In the Shade of time” is their debut.

Ashram – Shining silver skies

Ashram’s debut album was a nice piece of work, so I was pleased to hear that this Italian trio has delivered a follow-up. Like before, the core of the band is formed by three musicians: Luigi Rubino (piano), Sergio Panarella (vocals) and Alfredo Notarloberti (violin).

Negru Voda – Unplugged

Negru Voda unplugged? Peter Nyström playing John Denver songs around the campfire? No, not really. This cd contains 6 tracks recorded at an industrial festival in Vilnius in 2004.

Fire in the Head special

Almost every week Michael Page aka F/I/T/H/ churns out a new power electronics release, as if his life depends on it. This review describes just some of the recent Fire in the Head releases.

FatCat Records label special

Reviews of 6 Fat Cat releases: Drowsy’s Snow on moss on stone, Tom Brosseau’s Empty Houses Are Lonely, Vetiver’s To Find Me Gone, The Mutts’ I Us We You, Blood on the Wall’s Awesomer and Our Brother the Native’s Tooth And Claw.

Ultranoir – Suffer no fiction / Reach me, Helen Keller

Early 2005 I stumbled on the homepage of Ultranoir, a Finnish synth-pop group. Recently Ultranoir released their debut album “Suffer No Fiction”, preceded by the single Single ‘Reach Me, Helen Keller’.

Nebelung – Reigen

Nebelung is back with a new release. After their debut mcd ‘mistelteinn’ on Eis & Licht, the German neo-folk group now presents two new tracks on a vinyl single.

Zoät-Aon – Star Autopsy

It’s hard not to like Aural Hypnox – the Finnish label that specializes in dark/ritual ambient. They seem to be doing everything right, especially with their quality over quantity ethos. Zoät-Aon’s ‘Stark Autopsy’ gives us another reason to like the label.

Hypnoskull – (G.O.D) – Once Again

The Belgian label Spectre exists for ten years now and has build up an impressive catalogue. One of their most recent releases is this cd by Hypnoskull, the rhythmic industrial project which the productive Patrick Stevens started in the early 90’s.

Encomiast – Havens

I really like this album. Encomiast’s ‘Havens’ is part of the Crucial Bliss series, dedicated to short-run and limited releases from experimental acts, and it fits right in here with its unique packaging and provocative content/material.