Clair Obscur – In out

Clair Obscur has always followed its own unconventional course. The French band was initiated in the wave/industrial scene of the early 80’s. Theatrical aspects play a clear role on “In Out”, an LP originally released around 1988.

Moljebka Pvlse – dvnkl

Moljebka Pvlse from Sweden has never disappointed me with its experimental soundscapes. This time the project run by Mathias Josefson releases an album in a wonderful packaging on a rather unknown label, Fifth Week Records.

Jessie Evans & Bettina Koster – Autonervous

During the last Vanishing tour Bettina Koster from the legendary band Malaria! joined the band on stage. Therefore it was no surprise that when Vanishing stopped, Jessie Evans and Bettina continued as a duo.

The Weegs – The Million Sounds of Black

The second album by The Weegs is all you might expect. As on there debut the band delivers a nervous, neurotic and spastic post punk / no wave sound. This explosive stylistic blend results in music that is not easy to digest but worth every try to swallow it.

Garbo and The Adjectives – S/T

The band themselves claim to play a mixture of ’77 punk, cold wave, 60’s pop and garage dancefloor music. If they mean that this mixture sounds like Franz Ferdinand with early Suede influences then it is quite true.

Triarii – Pièce Héroique

With the debut Ars militaria Triarii directly made a name for itself in the martial neo-classical scene. Therefore quite a bit was expected from the follow-up from the German project. Well, they could stand the pressure and have come up with an improved successor.

Artefactum – Chaos elements

Untill some months ago I’d never heard of Artefactum from Poland. But recent split cdr’s on Beast of Prey and Old Europa Cafe and this debut on the respected French label Athanor have put this ambient project around Merissa d’Erlette in the spotlights.

Geneviéve Pasquier – Soap Bubble Factory

On her previous releases Geneviéve Pasquier has raised some expectations with good pieces of old school minimal industrial music. Now Thorofon is no more, it seems her solo project is her main focus.

Raison d`être – Metamorphyses

After a few recent releases with old material Raison D’être is finally back with a new album. Metamorphyses is filled with six newly composed pieces. Of course in a way this seventh full lenght album is more of the same.

Artesia – Hilvern

Prikosnovénie has started a new series of releases for new talents called “Nové”. Artesia is the first band to release in this series. This young French duo delivers a tragical and dark sounding classic gothic album.

This Empty Flow – The Album

When This Empty Flow’s debut “Magenta Skycode” came out in 1996, I found it very enjoyable. Ten years later, now the album is reissued by Eibon in a remastered version with a bonus cd as ‘The album”, I still find it appealing.

Antigen Shift – The way of the north

Antigen Shift, a project initiated by Nick Thériault from Canada, made a good impression on me in the past with an industrial soundscape style. The way of the north appears to me as quite a departure from his previous work.

Archon Satani – Mind of Flesh and Bones

The story of Archon Satani may be known by now. In the early 90’s this dark ritual project lead by Tomas Pettersson and Mikael Stravöstrand from Sweden created various intense releases. After 1993 the duo separated. Now Cold Spring reissues the remastered cd Mind of Flesh and Bones.

Gae Bolg – Requiem

Gae Bolg blends medieval sounds with bombastic and martial elements. This new album Requiem is a mass for the dead. It sounds rather tranquil and serene in comparison with some older records.

Ianva – Disobbedisco!

Ianva is a relatively new band, but you wouldn’t say so when you experience this debut album. On “Disobeddisco” the group digs deep into Italian cultural and musical history to create a colourful patchwork with a nostalgic and decadent atmosphere.

Neither Neither World – Invisible Angel

Invisible Angels is the successor of 2004’s Rewound, also released by Shayo. Their new short album, which comes in a nice digipack, is characterized by a soft accessible sound, somewhere between acoustic folk, ethereal pop and indie rock.

Alex Fergusson – The Castle

Alex Fergusson, of Alternative TV and Psychic TV fame, returns after a few years with a new solo album. “The Castle” contains 12 songs between folk and rock with an often nostalgic sound, yet timeless charm.

Foundation Hope – A call to all redeemers

Foundation Hope left a good impression on self-released cd-r’s with atmospheric soundscapes. The music on his first ‘official’ cd is described by the label as ‘sad and bleak soundscapes for a depraved religious institute, pretending to give comfort and light…’

Nurse With Wound & irr. app. (ext.) – Angry Eelectric Finger 3: Mute Bell Extinction Process

Mute Bell Extinction Process features three tracks of original Nurse With Wound material that has been worked over by Irr.App.(Ext)- otherwise know as Matt Waldron. This release is the third installment of Nurse With Wound’s Angry Eelectric Finger series.

His Divine Grace – Le Grand Secret

This new His Divine Grace album is all about the “Dots and Bars” conspiracy. The strange circumstances around the death of both Leontin and Sekens are the theme of this absolute great dark ambient record.