Donnie Darko

An overwhelming debut by this young film-maker. The beginning of the film directly sucks you into the movie, accompanied by the tones of ‘Killing Moon’. Afterwards nothing is as it seems anymore and the story unfolds in an ingenious manner. Echo and The Bunnymen (Killing Moon) and Tears for Fears (Mad World) never seemed to […]

The Pianist

A highly impressive movie about the Jewish family Szpilman, which is living in Warsaw. The young Wladyslaw is a pianist for the local radio, until Germany invades Poland and the family is forced to move to the Ghetto. Polanski manages to make a very personal film about the holocaust, by focusing almost entirely on the […]

Lucía y el sexo

Again a sensual surrealistic masterpiece of Julio Medem, who you may know of ‘Vacas’, ‘L’ardilla rocha’, ‘Tierra and ‘Los Amantes del Circulo Polar’. Lucia,a young waitress, has a passionate relationship with a young, possessed writer. After his death she flees to an island in the Mediterreanan Sea, to find some rest. But at this location […]

Blue Velvet

It must have been about ten years ago that I saw Blue Velvet on video. Since I quite like this film and the work of David Lynch in general, I did not hesitate when I saw that Blue Velvet was on the program in my local cinema last week, in a series of classics. And […]


Lars von Trier’s dark vision of Europe at the end of WO II . A naive guy wants to see the Germany of his parents and studies to be a navigator at the railroad company ( Wagonlits). He falls madly in love with the daughter of his boss and gets into trouble when she turns […]


This is the new film of Lukas Moodysson, after his great debut “Fucking Amal”. This hilarious tale is set in the 70’s, when the hippies rule and living together in communes is a normal practice. Moodysson makes this film worth seeing, because he combines humour, drama and his view on communes in a brilliant way. […]

Mulholland Drive

David Lynch goes back to his roots after his surprising film “The Straight Story”. ‘Twin Peaks revisited’ in this strange tale of imagination… You can see this film many times and every time you see something different. The story is so strange that you can’t really describe the plot. My advise: just let yourself be […]

Seul contre Tous

A very dark film about a 50 year old butcher, who comes out of prison completely disillusioned after trying to kill his daughter’s rapist. Not for the fainthearted! Gaspar Noe makes confronting shocking films in a stilistic way. His new film (“Irréversible”) is even darker…

Y tu mamá también

A Mexican roadmovie aka teenage film, which was a big succes in its country of origin. Two boys who are obsessed by sex are roaming a whole summer throughout Mexico, together with their very attractive aunt. Very humorous, at times banal, with an ironic voice-over, erotic scenes and a highly melancholic ending. A film that […]

Gosford Park

Upstairs downstairs meets Agatha Christie. An English country-house, 1932, a large number of aristocrats and servants with complicated relationships and a murder are the ingredients which Robert Altman uses in a subtle manner to deliver a highly entertaining film. “Gosford Park” is filled with ironic comments on the British class society. With Michael Gambon and […]


Klaus Kinski plays an eccentric protagonist with an obsession to arrange an opera in the South-American jungle. He does not recoil from literary pulling a steamship over a mountain. Such an insane operation can only be filmed by a possessed cineast like Werner Herzog. Very special. Also with Claudia Cardinale.

Don’t look now

A married couple (Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland); their drowned daughter; Venice; a blind mediagenic old lady; mysterious murders: with these simple ingredients Roeg manages to create an extremely sinister movie. The editing of the scenes is very suggestive and the climax of the film is highly shocking. By the way, “Don’t look now” is […]

Once upon a time in America

Sergio Leone’s last movie from 1984. This melancholic gangster-epic of epic length (227 min.) follows the friendship between Noodles (Robert de Niro) and Maxie (James Woods). The story is told from the 30’s till 1968. Just like every Leone movie stilistic highly justified. Including a few vehemently violent scenes and of course the lovely atmospheric […]

The Gospel according to St. Matthew

Pasolini’s faithful filming of the gospel according to Matthew. In a plain, almost documentary-like style are life and work of Christ being portrayed. Unique in its concept and in the oeuvre of Pasolini. Of a great emotional expressiveness.

Jules et Jim

The most famous film of Truffaut remains an enervating viewing experience. Jeanne Moreau is unforgettable as the femme fatale who lures the friends Jules & Jim into her web. Nouvelle vague at its best: playful, ironic, energetic, full of cinematic references and without an happy end.