History of gothic IV

Gothic variety But this isn’t by far everything. So many different styles are being associated with gothic nowadays. Take dark folk for instance. The best examples are Current 93, Death in June, Sol Invictus and Fire + Ice. The first releases of Current are very experimental and hard to digest, but in later years they […]

History of Gothic III

Meanwhile in the US and the European continent… But England wasn’t the only place where `dark’ music was being made. The Swans for example, originating from the New York avant-garde scene, made some great albums, like Children of God, White Light from The Mouth of Infinity and The Burning World. Only recently their career ended, […]

History of gothic part II

Britisch developments: rise of the new gothic movement During the 1980’s a new gothic movement came to the surface. It was preceded by punk, which came into life at the end of the 70’s when there was a need for a distinctive non-conformist alternative culture. Maybe gothic came as a sort of reaction against punk, […]

History of gothic part I

What is gothic? This question can of course not be answered in one sentence. It’s clear that gothic is not only about music, it’s a lifestyle, a certain sensibility. According to the Collins Cobuild English Language Dictonary, the word “gothic” is used in three ways. First of all, ‘a building such as a cathedral that […]