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Playlist GRINT – 80’s

ACU, Utrecht GRINT website DJ’s: HD, MH + guest Araglin Quite a nice party, except for some drunk Englishmen (to hwom I dedicated ‘sweet and tender hooligan’).

Playlist GRUIS #26

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website theme: Atmospheres. guest dj: Don Valentino.

Playlist The War of Roses

Nonomes, Amsterdam War of Roses website Enjoyed myself very well at the War of Roses party in Amsterdam, where I was playing tunes together with Guillame.

Playlist GRINT – 80’s

ACU, Utrecht GRINT website A decent third edition of this 80’s party!

Playlist Freitag

LVC, Leiden (NL) Played folk/ambient/medieval etc. in the attic with dj Migh, while in the main hall cybergothic was played. Not too many people interested in our sounds unfortunately.

Playlist GRUIS #25

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website theme: electronix In an unexpectedly crowded ACU we played a highly electronic (and danceable) mixture of elektro, techno, industrial and IDM. In between RA-X played a loud and noisy, almost industrial set.

Seductive exhibition

Exposition by Dante Gabriel Rossetti at the Van Gogh Museum.

Playlist Dwaalspoor

Boogje 1, Rotterdam What a great location! An underground concrete bunker/warehouse. Very industrial, dark and atmospheric (and cold). The number of visitors was reasonable considering the large amount of other parties this night. The mood & the music were alright. To be repeated!

Are you experienced?

On the search for a pocket to read in the train I found ‘Are you experienced’ in my bookcase, which I once bought for 50p. This book was first published in 1997 and became a huge bestseller. And I can understand why. It is hilarious and a must-read for everyone undertaking a big exotic journey, […]

Vozvrashcheniye (The Return)

This is an intense story about two sons who have grown up without a father. One day their father suddenly appears, and he wants to take them with him on a short holiday to go fishing. While they are on their way, the orginal plan changes. Father has to do some kind of job somewhere, […]

Squint your eyes

This Polish director (who can be compared to the Dutch Alex van Warmerdam) has made an unusually intriguing comedy about, well about nothing actually. The story deals with an ‘unemployed man’, who lives on a big farm, where he is surrounded by other jobless people and more or less lunatics. He lives a peaceful life, […]

Rhinoceros Eyes

Aaron Woodley’s film is a bizarre fairytale about a boy named Chep. He works in a storage depot for movie attributes. One day a beautiful lady comes round to ask for some props. In the blink of an eye Chep falls in love and he begins to mix reality and fantasy. He is prepared to […]


visited a flea market today. no interesting books or records this time. but i did found a nice old print of this pencil drawing by Jan Toorop (1858 – 1928), a dutch symbolist / art nouveau painter. it’s called ‘Huwelijk’ (Marriage) and dates from 1906.

Helmut Newton

photographer Helmut Newton died in a car crash last week, aged 83.

Mucha exhibition

Konstantin Hauser

“Der Ausdruck bestimmt das Photo”

Jean-Marc Dauvergne

Aimea Saul


Playlist Finsternis

Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh (Scotland) Finsternis website I was invited as a guest DJ to play some tunes. The party was not very crowded, but I liked the atmosphere and there were some very nice people present. More an evening for chatting, drinking and listening than dancing.

Playlist GRUIS #24

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website Theme: Atmospheres. DJ’s: M & Hans D. A pleasant start of the new year with atmospheric folk, medieval, (dark)wave and ambient sounds. About a 100 paying visitors, and quite some activity on the dancefloor.