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When it comes to money you can’t trust anyone. And the grass is always greener on the other side. That seem to be the main themes of ‘Lichter’, a movie directed by Hans-Christian Schmid, a succesful young German director. ‘Lichter’ consists of various episodes, with different characters, all with their own dreams. Each story has […]

Tan de Repente

I saw ‘Tan de Repente’ in a German cinema, where the title was translated as ‘Aus heiterem Himmel’. Luckily the Spanish-spoken film was not synchronized, but subtitled. The film is shot in black & white, which is very fitting for this rather surreal, somewhat vague existential roadmovie. The main character is Marcia, who works in […]

Jorge Luis López

“Algo surca los cielos” (There is something in the sky) 60 x 50 cm – Oil on canvas

Playlist The War of Roses

Nonomes, Amsterdam War of Roses website On a hot night eventually enough people showed up to make it a nice atmospheric party. Regular DJ Maurice was ill, so it was just Guillaume and me as guest behind the cd-players.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Glasgow School of Art

Playlist Deus \x/ Machina

K-sjot, Utrecht A fine second ‘Deus’ party with a nice response of the visitors. Unfortunately this was also the last party, due to personal circumstances of the organisator.

Jessie Marion King

Detail of a design for a book-cover (Fairytales by Hans C. Andersen)

Simon Marsden

Roof, Dunboy Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Playlist GRUIS #21

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website Theme : Electronix An unusual cheerful musical menu for us, this theme party focusing on minimal electropop, synthwave, techno etc. less cheerful was the small number of visitors which showed up…

Jan Toorop

“O Grave where is thy Victory”, 1892.

Gothic II

Gothic II is an impressive looking book with over 300 pages. From the title you can conclude that this is a second part, in 2000 the book ‘Gothic – Die Szene in Deutschland aus der Sicht ihrer Macher’. That’s also an interesting book, though I must confess not having read much from it yet. I […]


Matt Lombard

Mourning the calcified

One Hour Photo

A fine movie by Mark Romanek, who previously worked a lot on videoclips. He made the clips of ‘Closer’ and ‘The Perfect Drug’ for Nine Inch Nails, amongst others. The story tells about Sy the Photoguy (Robin Williams). Sy is employee of a large company called the Savemarket. For many years now he works at […]


‘Adaptation’ is the second movie by Spike Jonze, after ‘Being John Malkovich’. It has one of the most original and funniest opening scenes I know: protagonist Charlie Kaufman (played by Nicholas Cage) enters the set of ‘Being John Malkovich’ and is brutally sent away by the director. Then a film starts which is almost impossible […]

Max Beckmann

Playlist :Insignia:

Nighttown, Rotterdam Very nice location, good atmosphere, musically satisfying (if I may say so), but too few visitors. Nevertheless a special evening.

The Protagonist

M.L. Acosta

“¿Por qué?” / “Why?” (2002) – 100 x 80 cm. Oil painting

24 Hour Party People

An entertaining film about the music scene in Manchester, and more precisely about Factory Records and the people surrounding the label. First of all labelboss Tony (Anthony) Wilson, who combines the realization of his musical dreams with a job as reporter for local tv station Granada. He is also the all-knowing narrator of the story, […]