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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Jules et Jim

The most famous film of Truffaut remains an enervating viewing experience. Jeanne Moreau is unforgettable as the femme fatale who lures the friends Jules & Jim into her web. Nouvelle vague at its best: playful, ironic, energetic, full of cinematic references and without an happy end.

Once upon a time in America

Sergio Leone’s last movie from 1984. This melancholic gangster-epic of epic length (227 min.) follows the friendship between Noodles (Robert de Niro) and Maxie (James Woods). The story is told from the 30’s till 1968. Just like every Leone movie stilistic highly justified. Including a few vehemently violent scenes and of course the lovely atmospheric […]

The Gospel according to St. Matthew

Pasolini’s faithful filming of the gospel according to Matthew. In a plain, almost documentary-like style are life and work of Christ being portrayed. Unique in its concept and in the oeuvre of Pasolini. Of a great emotional expressiveness.


In My Rosary

Collection d`Arnell Andrea

Playlist GRUIS #17

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website Not the most crowded edition of Gruis so far, but the atmosphere was nice, and with an original live-act (electronic music by Lilian Hak & poetry by Ingmar Heytze).

Of the Wand and the Moon

Playlist Ataraxia afterparty

De Waaiberg, Leuven Three nice concerts in Leuven: first Dead Man’s Hill, then A Challenge of Honour and finally Ataraxia. There was an afterparty with popular electro/gothic in the main hall. I played some music in the smaller room.

The Sound

The Chameleons

Max Klinger

Playlist Gods Wil

Radio 100, Amsterdam Gods Wil website My radio debut…

Paul Delvaux

Giorgio de Chirico

Alfred Kubin

Playlist GRUIS #16

ACU, Utrecht GRUIS website Quite a varied evening: after an atmospheric intro followed a set with some of my favourite 80’s bands. Later a danceable ebm/electro set, and at the end of the party a neo-folk part (which I had liked to be a bit longer). In between DJ Maarten played danceable electronic stuff, and […]

Dirk Lakomy