Submitting review material

You can send promo copies to be reviewed on Funprox, but we warn you in advance: only a small percentage of the material we get will be reviewed! We get far too many cd’s to be able to listen to them all, let alone review them. We make this site for our pleasure and we have limited spare time. Therefore we can’t promise anything!

Some of the musical styles we’re interested in are:

neofolk, industrial, ambient, medieval, neoclassical, electro, gothic, experimental, postrock, indie, ethereal, technoid music.

In fact we have a pretty broad taste. As long as the music is original and not too commercial. Metal, punk and other heavy guitar styles are not really our speciality.

We try to keep in touch about the status of your review copy, but we don’t have time to let everyone know when a package is received or a review has been published. We do our best, but the best thing to do is to check the recent reviews page now and then. Or mail us for more information.

Formats which are accepted for review are vinyl, cd, dvd, minidisc, good quality cdr and cassette. In general we don’t review online mp3’s. We also can’t return your material. We appreciate it if you enclose some background info about your project/release.

If a release of your band or label is reviewed on, feel free to publish the article on your own site (with a link to funprox if possible).

Review copies which are sent to the address below are collected by funprox main editor Hans D. He will passed some to one of the other contributing reviewers.

Funprox headquarters:

Postbus 5034
3502 JA Utrecht
The Netherlands

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