A Dreyfus affair

A French act entitled Alg?rie Fran?aise offers for free download the “Dreyfus Etait Coupable” EP, apparently previously released on cassette in 1988. There might be a small chance that you did not get a copy of that tape, because only 14 copies were spread. The EP contains three ‘industrial / experimental’ tracks, dedicated to the sordid Dreyfus affair, the scandal which dominated the media and divided France in the late 19th century.

Someone informed me that this ‘project’ is a fake. I was already suspicious, because of the date ‘1988’ mentioned, which seemed rather early, and the ridiculous amount of 14 copies that were spread. I take the blame, I should have listened more carefully and use my common sense, which I obviously didn’t. In fact the music offered appears to be by Wumpscut (!) and Neon Rain, so I’m told. If this was a joke, I guess the inventor succeeded in his purpose… Trust no one!