Agony, no ecstasy

Shoot your shot One of my favourite electro/EBM acts in the mid 90’s was Image Transmission. This Dutch act from The Hague came to my attention with nice dance hits like ‘Agony of Ecstasy’, ‘Shoot your Shot’ (cover from Divine) and ‘Bound to Die’, as well as some good live performances. After three albums the band quit, after being dropped by their German label Triton. Last weekend Image Transmission would play live again for the first time in five years, at the Cyberia anniversary party in Utrecht. I read that it was a small disaster: during the soundcheck the minidisc with all the necessary backing sounds was accidentally erased, which made it impossible for the band to perform their reunion gig, except for a playback set. A statement from the band: “We apologize to Cyberia and our fans and we promise to do a new concert in the near future.”