Antimatter: videos

Antimatter offers four acoustic live videos to download for free.‘Antimatter 06 06 03‘ was filmed during their 2003 tour, and features ‘The Last Laugh’, ‘Going Nowhere/Destiny’, ‘In Stone’ and ‘Empty’ im .wmv format. The release also has full artwork to print.

This is not the first free internet release offered by the band: ‘Unreleased 1998 – 2003′ is a full free virtual album containing 16 demo’s, live tracks, acoustic versions and outtakes.

Antimatter’s latest studio album is ‘Planetary Confinement’, released this summer by PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS, and in USA by THE END RECORDS. That album is ” The album is “acoustic-based, and has a much more organic feel than ‘Saviour’ or ‘Lights Out’, this time featuring natural strings, piano and drums.”

Antimatter was founded by former Anathema bassist / songwriter Duncan Patterson. Recently he has announced the wish to move away from Antimatter to concentrate on his new project, ‘Ion’. Mick Moss will continue the Antimatter project with a new album for 2006 entitled ‘Leaving Eden’, featuring Anathema’s Daniel Cavanagh.