Back from Leipzig

WGT Just returned from Leipzig, from the 14th edition of the Wave Gotik Treffen. In four days 170 acts played at approx. twenty different locations throughout the city, which was invaded by around 20.000 visitors (mainly) in black. I saw 20 bands perform, which I consider a reasonable score.
Later this week, when I’ve recovered and fulfilled some working obligations, I will try to post some photos and impressions. I will already reveal that the dark ambient night with Herbst9, Schloss Tegal, Inade and Predominance was the highlight for me. The neofolk act that I liked best was Darkwood. Special acts that I hadn’t seen before were ACTUS, Voxus Imp and Ain Soph. Among the new acts that I enjoyed were Trobar de Morte and Graumahd.
Some local links:
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