Benefits and fundraising

Two sad American stories:
1) A website called has been set up by Sam Pfannkuche from US EBM band Imperative Reaction. His motivation: “The reason I created this fund is because my brother, Josh, was involved in a brutal attack in LA on the Metro subway on May 15, 2005.” There will be a benefit show in Los Angeles, for which they are seeking merchandise donation. All proceeds for this event will be divided between the National Center for Victims of Crime and for Joshua’s medical bills which will be immense.

2) Itchy, singer of Shock Therapy (remember ‘Hate Is Just A Four Letter Word’) is still in prison in Michigan, USA, since early 2000. He is very ill, his doctor said the next cold could kill him. I’m no legal expert, but according to the website petitionforitchy, his imprisonment is injustice. So far Itchy has not enough funds to bring the case to a court for a re-sentencing. Therefore a PayPal donation would be welcome.