Check the inside

learned a valuable lesson today (actually I knew it already, but i was reminded once again): when buying a record, do not only check if the record is of good quality, but also if the sleeve contains the right record… so when i came home i discovered that my expected ‘manic monday’ 12″ by the bangles was actually a german spoken word album, with a tale written by karl may. although i have fond memories of old shatterhand and winnetou, i do think that they have other qualities than susanna hoffs & co. luckily it was only a few cents.

but now you may also wonder why i would buy such a dubious record as the bangles… well, that has everything to do with the fact that a second edition of the grint – alternative 80’s party has been confirmed! perhaps ‘manic monday’ is not exactly alternative, but it’s good fun… at least when you got the record. i did found a rather strange new beat compilation, a housemartins album and (also for fun) the belle stars.