Club Moral Stocklist

Club Moral can be considered a legendary name in the experimental industrial scene. The multimedia project was founded in Antwerp in 1981. In their own words, “it focused on the presentation of art and live events of an extreme nature.”

Club Moral ceased its activities in 1990, except for some performances in the last few years. Their back catalogue (of mainly obscure tapes) is hard to obtain, except perhaps for the cd Living(Stone)Concert, recorded during a concert in someone’s livingroom in 2003.

Therefore the Club Moral Stocklist is a nice initiative: a temporary digital release of Club Moral products for your free downloading pleasure. You can subscribe to the podcast using iTunes at the url below, or download individual issues with any web browser.

Only William Bennett of the Susan Lawly label was a bit less happy with what he regarded as violation of copyright on offering the Für Ilse Koch compilation, orginally released on Come Records…


  1. The Für Ilse Koch compilation is still available for download via Rapidshare. Check the comments on the Club Moral Stocklist page.