It looks like is back on track again, after a two months’ absence.
I hope you enjoy the new site!

The period of renovation took a bit longer than expected, as usual. Lack of time, technical set backs and a move to a new hosting provider were the main delaying factors. Please let us know if you encounter things that are not working correctly or if you have suggestions for impreovements. Leave a comment below or use the contact form.

In the coming weeks I will try to fix the numerous expected bugs and optimize things further. Of course there are loads of new reviews waiting to be published and many recent releases that deserve to be mentioned. Hopefully the inspiration comes also back, now the site is online again….


  1. HOERA !!! Gefeliciteerd Hans, ik ben blij dat je d’r weer bent.. ga nu gauw alles verder bekijken !

  2. Joepiiiii

  3. that’s very cooool~!

  4. Welcome back! Glad to see the site back online.

  5. ziet er blits en toch overzichtelijk uit. fijn om weer te kunnen lezen.

  6. Great to see one of my favorite zines back online. Keep up the fantastic work Hans!

  7. songsoverruins says

    Woot, dank je voor het harde werk Hans! Ben blij dat de site er weer is.

  8. great!

  9. Felicidades!! Ya era hora, los extra├▒abamos

  10. Finally!!! It’s been hard to buy records lately, because without Funprox, I have little idea of what’s actually good… Welcome back!