Critical update

Everyone seems to have an iPod now, but I?m (still) using a minidisk player to listen to music while travelling. Since I?m not much at home lately, I try to use my time efficiently and get some reviews done while commuting to work by train. Usually I?m quite content with my mobile music tool. Until last night, when I suddenly wasn?t able to transfer songs from my computer to the player anymore. Each time I tried, the software crashed. Annoying, because I didn?t want to listen to the same albums over and over again and needed some fresh input.
Of course I checked the possible reasons, but could not find any; the minidisk itself did not seem to cause the problem. So I did some internet research and find out that I wasn?t the only one with this problem. Apparently some Windows Update which was installed automagically recently, conflicted with the Sony MD software. A countermeasure program is now available to remedy this situation. So tonight I have some patching to do?